What's your blood sugar?

Piles of work on my desk. I feel like procrastinating.

I think I’ll run a blood sugar test.

122 mg/dl. What’s yours?
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i have been yo yoing all day, do you think it would be ok to chuck all my stuff out the window and scream?

i haven’t been yo yoing.
just those lovely 200+ numbers showing up a lot today.

oh and feel free to let it out! haha
show diabetes who’s boss!

the sad thing is i have had it for a really long time for me that is. 19 years and i haven’t screamed once. i cry, but scream nah. :smiley:

i woke up 93
two hours after breakfast i was 144, so i took two extra units (i shouldn’t have taken two, i think 1 would have been enough)
now i’m 39 and i wasn’t feeling low at all (but now i am)

91mg/dL Awesome.

I was at 140 after breakfast yesterday, went for a bike ride and it was at 115 a little bit later. If I had taken a correction it probably would have almost made me go low.

146 not bad for me today!

136 okay by me…at least I was not 36 or 236!

I’m going through a period of adjustment to new meds or upped dosages…yikes! Today’s was 132…not the best but not the worst it’s been lately.

Cathy J

102 before lunch =)

334 mg/dl

No lunch for me today! :[

292 mg/dl

I can produce sugar!

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Yes, correcting 2 hours after a meal can be tricky (especially if you use syringes/pens and can’t give less than .5 units at a time), because there’s usually some rapid-acting insulin action still to come for the next 2 hours or so.

It’s not always practical, but in similar situations I may try to take a brisk 10- or 15-minute walk, which tends to bring the number down a steady 20 points or so but not too low so the residual insulin has some glucose to work on.

worked off of night shift slept 3 hours had light lunch i am now 190 took abolus should be back on target soon . night shift is hard start days on fri. for three days

Last time i checked it I was 93mg/dL, right now I think I might be high, but I’ll find out shortly if I am. I’ve had two highs already today as well as two lows and do not feel like dealing with another one.

Turns out I wasn’t as high as I thought, but it was high enough to warrant some exercise: 147

surprisingly mine was 111 when i just checked it a minute ago. :smiley:

Surprisingly as well, mine is 161 ! Am feeling tired and high! Probably its is going up! Jeez

i just checked my level and i am 134 not bad and i still have 1.26 units of insulin to go through on my pump.