Whats your insulin to carb ratio?

Im at 8g per unit, i was wondering where everyone else is?

mine is 10 to 1

don’t laugh- 1 unit for 40 grams of carb during the day

From Midnight to 11am it’s 12; from 11am to 4pm it’s 15; from 4pm to 10pm it’s 8; from 10pm to midnight it’s 14. I’m glad I don’t have to remember all of that! It sure looks like my pump thereapists are trying to earn their money.

Right now it is 15 carbs per unit. But hormonal factors can bring it down to about 30 carbs/unit.

Right now, mine is 13 grams per 1 unit. however, two days in a row i’ve been going down to 60. so, maybe it’s really more like 14 or 15. i’m too lazy to change it, though. lol.

before 3 PM: 7 after 3PM: 8

I think you will find that everyone is different =)

I’m at 13g per unit all day, but I was also thinking that I should start trying out different rates at different times of the day. The tip that I got is that you should use a lower rate (i.e. more insulin) when your basal rate is also higher. Those are the times of the day when you are more insulin resistant (this varies from person to person…).

The question is how much to change it??
I might just try +/-1g.

Any tips?

Caleb is 18g per unit for breakfast, 36g per unit for lunch and 56g per unit for dinner. Been like this for about as long as he’s been pumping - almost 2 years.

4 units for every 15 g of carbs

I was on 12g all day long until I got put on steroids. Now I have a setting from midnight to 11am of 12g, 6g from 11:30am to 4:30pm, 8g from 5pm to 8:30pm, and then 17g from 9pm to midnight.

1 unit per 2 grams of carbs. this is horrible. Try to do something to make it better. any thoughts?

1:5 for breakfast…1:8 for any other meal.

i was 10 to 1, but my doctor just changed it to 20 to 1… that kind of blows my mind… that seems a little steep doesn’t it? i wasn’t hitting the floor either. i thought that things were going pretty well at 10 to 1. i guess we’ll see

My son’s 8:1 - Puberty -I hate puberty… I never looked at different ratio’s, maybe I should try it

Can it be that your basals are too low? I know our doctor suggests that if bolusses are much (as well as correction bolusses) more than your basals it can be that the basals are too low. I hate this disease don’t you!!

can’t forget other medicines a person takes. Like i take 50 units of lantus, and i i use about 14 units of humalog for a 50 carb meal. If i took less lantus i might need more humalog, etc.

1 to 10 for BF and lunch
1 to 12 for dinner

1: 20

1:10 Breakfast
1:12 Lunch
1:15 Supper