When I am at 70 to 80 BG I have half a cookie

Do others “cheat” like I do. I have amazing self control and can stop at half a cookie or a tiny tiny piece of crumb cake in the office or a tablespoon of ice cream. Then I test and my sugars are about 95-100 and I had my fill for the day. What are your thoughts on that.

I don’t eat sugar at all for other reasons as well as diabetes so, no, I don’t treat lows that way. I also don’t believe in the idea of “cheating”. It leads to a good/bad dichotomy that can be a set up. But if it works for you, then it works…we’re all different. For most people the reason why sweets aren’t the best way to treat lows is, because they like the taste, feel deprived of sweets and so over-indulge and end up high. Also sweets are not the most effective and predictable sources to raise blood sugar. It’s harder to estimate “dose” exactly and if there is fat included, such as ice cream, then it slows the rise of blood sugar. If you are low you want to get blood sugar up as fast as possible. Glucose tabs or gels have precise numbers of carbs, are rapid acting and most of us get to learn exactly how many raise our blood sugar. If your lows are only moderate ones (say 50s or 60s) and this method works for you, go for it. But if they are more severe, if there is insulin on board or if you are at say 60 but trending down further, your sweets might not raise you up fast enough.

Yeah I agree about treating the lows. I only eat those sweets at 70-80 and then they take me to about 100.

When I want some ice cream I have a kid-size scoop from Baskin Robbins, as long as I’m below like 110. I don’t necessarily eat something between 70 and 80 because I know I’m not dropping at that number.

I’m sorry, Rich, I totally misread your post and thought you were talking about treating lows, not treating a sweet tooth!

I have that feeling too, of “cheating” when I eat stuff I don’t normally eat. I have come to the realization that it is not cheating, especially when doing so in moderation. I don’t eat the stuff every day. And yes, it does satisfy.my sweet tooth. When I expressed these feelings to my endo she said as long as it is in moderation, and either covered for or worked into my meal, that I shouldnt feel guilty about it. I still sometimes am however. Can’t shake the guilt!

How is that cheating?

That is eating very much in moderation and is perfectly fine in my book.

I find if I never eat sweet stuff I end up overdoing at some point. So I do include that stuff in my “plan” and just make sure I am not taking in too much at once, and am bolusing right.

Your numbers are good, and that is the bottom line.

An endo once told me you can’t judge a T1’s control by what they eat…some people do really well incoporating all types of foods, while others are restrictive in food but may struggle with other aspects. It all comes down to what they numbers are.

From what I understand, the idea of “never eat anything sweet or you are cheating” (if you are diabetic ) is a belief many of us grew up with, but is now actually quite outdated.

Think of cheating more as when I have that big bowl of pasta or a hunk of bread sneaking a cookie of ice cream out side of my regular snacks I tend to figure in to my insulin and if I am in the 70-80 level I usually allow my self 15-30 carbs and still stay in my range, which tends to be 75-90 before my next meal. Heck during my shift at work I tend to do 40-80 carbs and can still go low depending on how busy we get and how much freight I move.

Hi Jim - Can you lower your basal rate during work so you don’t go low?

I usually rejoice when I see BG numbers between 70-80 (assuming I’m not trending lower). Most of my pre-meal BGs are in that range. To me, it means I’ve got things under control.

If I am going down I have 1 candied orange slice (12gms of carbs) stops it every time

Been experimenting with it. Most of it seems to be with the timing of dinner and the bolus timing. Was eating at 9pm and with the exercise at work I would be tapering off with my sugar dropping around 2am. Knocked my meals back to 8 and changed my basal rate has seemed to help. Still will drop from the exercise but not as bad. I try not to drive below 85 and refuse if below 70.

70-80 are fine except when I am at work to physical of a job. Pushing cans of freight that can be a couple thousand LBS.

Yes… When I am low I tend to reach for stuff that normally I don’t have. Like a can of coke when I am really low! Or a small cookie… I still eat ice cream every once in awhile normally. Just bolus for the carbs!

Drinking a can of coke when I am low feels like such a treat.


I totally do this. In fact, I based what sort of dinner I will have on how low my pre-din number is. The other day I had a 79! WooHoo! Pizza Time! :slight_smile: If I low during snackie time, I might have a little lollipop as a treat or today I had a diabetic hot cocoa (which I haven’t had since pre-dx - and it was good!)

I really think this is the only way some of us can “sneak” the little treats in. As long as we stay in good range, it is not cheating. But I get what you are saying. :wink:

I don’t take insulin so I can’t “cover” the carbs - so my treats are limited to what my number might be which is a good way to control too.

We sacrifice ALOT and we are subjected to torturous reminders ALOT (like going into Trader Joes and see that the Candy Cane Jo-Jos are now back in season …grrrr - 1st time I can’t have any) - we deserve those little treats! :slight_smile: