When my 3 years old baby can use CGM

my son will be 3 years in December
after 2 monthe he is going to school, there is no nurse in the school but the good news is i get a job in the same school
but i am still worried about him , i would love to get a CGM for him
is there a CGM fore kids in this age ?

Officialy there is not a CGM that is FDA approved for any child that young. I know several people who use the dexcom on children under 3.

Check out the childrenwithdiabetes.com website and you will find many people who use a CGM with young children. my son was also younger than the “approved” age and we not only got insurance coverage, but the school is very appreciative as it has help them immensely in his care. when they are young a CGM is invaluable IMHO. My son uses a dexcom also.

thanks Betty
i wonder what is the reson that maks them unapprove it
as you side i found it much more important for children who cant tell how they feel them BS
i allways ask my son how is he feeling -an now he knows that saying my BS is low maks me feed him _ so his usual answer is mu BS is low :slight_smile:

I know my 3 year old nephew loves to push buttons and I can imagine that a CGMS is an expensive device with lots of buttons. Young boys tend to be very active and I can see that CGMS having to endure quite a bit of rough treatment. From my research online it seems that the FDA has approved the use of CGMS for kids 7 and older.

There was a similar discussion of this on TuDiabetes: http://tudiabetes.com/group/parentsofkidswithtype1/forum/topics/que…

Other info:

thanks Khurt :slight_smile:

We just got a medtronic cgm last week after a six month battle with insurance for my 5 year old daughter… When applying for the first time make sure you show atleast three lows in a week (below 50).
They are required to accept a hand written log too wink . I wish I had known this sooner. My battle would have been a lot shorter.

thanks for advice Fred
i am Saudi and there is no pruches for Dexcom company in KSA
but i am planing to ask one of my frinds in US to send me one
so i wont have insurance proplems becouse i will pay
but i would love to know if my frind need any papers to buy it

The distance between transmitter and receiver is a factor to consider with a young child. The reach of the Nav seems to be way better than the reach of the DexCom.


Cgms can be worn by toddlers but you will have to have your Pedi endo prescribe it for him. It can be prescribed off label; toddlers do wear cgms. It will be harder to fight your insurance company for coverage but it has been successfully done. I am going to put a plug in for the Dexcom 7 Plus here, as my niece tried the Minimed sensors and felt they were too painful to insert/invasive. She has used both. Felt the Minimed sensors after the EMLA wore off and we had to start puling them out. She does not even need EMLA when inserting the Dexcom. Minimed has 30 guage introducer needle; Dexcom 26 guage. I have no knowledge of Navigator insertion. You may want to investigate the Navigator as well. Good luck and I hope you can get this for your son.

i resd that the sensor of Nav is longer :frowning:

The higher the gauge number the thinner the needle. I think MM is 23 gauge.


Ah, just read the above posts and see you will be paying out of pocket. Yes, then, no problem. Just have a Pediatric Endocrinologist write a prescription off label for your son. When asking for the cgms from your endo, it would be helpful to tell him why you need it badly. I would imagine children three and under may have hypoglycemic unawareness or will not be communicative enough to define and ask for help when low. This is dangerous and is reason enough for cgms to be prescribed. Dexcom 7 Plus is a great choice; you may also want to investigate the Navigator, but I think you will have an easier time getting Dexcom supplies timely.

I think it is actually shorter.


thank jan and helut
i will investigate the Navigator , i am exited about Dexcom becouse i read alot about it and many peopel recomend it
thanks again
wish me luck