When My Time is Up I Want to Go Like My Pool

Last night I awoke to a loud banging sound. I thought it maybe some fireworks or something. But it wasn't, it was my above ground pool. Overnight it failed. Not just failed, but failed catastrophically.

Here is what my pool looked like before:

And here is after:

My pool held over 30,000 gallons, the tidal wave ran over into my neighbors yard leaving a trail of debris.

I’ll no doubt spent much of today cleaning up the mess. It will take me weeks to get stuff back in order. I’ll miss the pool.

When I get to the end of my useful life, I hope I leave with a bang, just like my pool

Imagine if you would of been in it. One heck of a fun water ride!! The video would have been even better!

I have known for quite some time that the side wall of the pool was having rust problems. My biggest fear was actually that it would fail while someone was in the pool and they would be hurt. I'm actually glad it failed in the middle of the night.

how long did you have it ?

Oh Brian, please don't explode when it is time to go, just think how difficult it will be to scrape up enough bits to put into a coffin for the funeral :-)
Sorry about the pool.

We had this pool for nearly 15 years. I installed it myself, at the time my kids were 5 and 7 years old and for years it served us well.

And thank you pastel, I just worry about being able to have a good quality of life forever.

I also want to go quick like your pool, My goal is to go quick in my sleep like my grandpa, Not screaming at the top of my lungs like his passengers. Just kidding.

Oh okay, going out with a BANG is far better than busting like your pool and leaking all over the neighbours yard. Wishing you a Good BANG when it's your time Brian. Hopefully others will help you with the clean up.