When to make the switch from MDI back to pump

So, a few weeks before the Covid-19 turned the world upside down, I had decided to try a pump again after many years of doing MDI with a CGM. I was ready to do less daily work at managing my bs and was reading lots of positive reviews of the TSlim Control IQ system. Since I’ve never liked infusion sets, it was a compromise, but one I was up for.
Today I got a reminder of an endo appt for next week, one that I set up months ago.
The office gives you the choice of going in (surprisingly) or doing the appt. via Skype. I find that instead of feeling excited about the change and up to mastering the learning curve, I now just feel stressed about it. It’s like my brain can’t handle one more challenge. I’m lucky that I get to work from home and that I’m not living in a Covid hot spot. But I’m older, had pneumonia last spring, have some immune system issues, and just feel generally vulnerable. I’m considering rescheduling for later in the summer, when life is hopefully more normal. I’m wondering if anyone else is feeling stressed by learning new T1 technology right now.


I think Skype would work well? I just started on Dex and they dont even meet with you anymore. Just video learning. Everything you need is online, or so they feel, and you can just go from there. The thing that may be helpful is to get a rep from the pump company. They no doubt are working from home and can they not hook up with you? Though I had to return the Tandem pump, the rep was super helpful and even gave me some free odds and ends!

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Learning has been a challenge for me latley. I’m glad you brought this up. I was considering going back on MI to see if I could, just in case I needed to. But, your right, I forget how taxing these changes are. Maybe now is not the right time.

I just gave my Dr. the go ahead to start the process for the Tandem X2 yesterday. I’ve been having a lot of issues this past year with unstable BG’s and nothing else I’ve tried has worked so this is the logical next step. I haven’t ever been on a pump before but I’ve heard so many good things about control IQ that I decided it was my best bet for regaining my quality of life.

All of my appointments with my endo are through telehealth so there haven’t been any changes in the timing or the way I see my endo, although my county doesn’t have any confirmed cases so I’m not as at risk as those in NY or southern CA.

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which country are you in, @Firenza?

U.S.A., California

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Did u get your pump yet. I have mine coming no idea when to expect it. My doctor says I can come in on Wednesday’s to get training or I can just meet outside someplace with a trainer. I’ve been pumping a long time and I know cgm. I just need to know the little differences and the iq system etc. I could probably figure it out myself like I did when I went from animas to Medtronic.

If your Tandem trainer is a CDE (most of them are), you’re probably better off with this option anyway. They’re experts on the product. You’re an experienced pumper so it sounds like that’s what you need most.

I just self trained tslim X2, using manuals and online videos. I loaded cartridge with water, and no hookup to me. But had dexcom G6 communicating with Tslim. Then did bolus on medtronic pump, then same amount of water on tslim. I could observe the basalIQ and control IQ kick in and out, and get familiar with menus. Took some time to get used to menu structure to find things.

Tested quick bolus that I use often, and watched how the different screen icons changed.

The 1-2-3 wake up button press is a pain.

I agree. Is there a way to turn that off? I’m assuming the company would say “No! That would be dangerous!” but maybe Tandem is more enlightened. If I’m shoving aX2 in my pocket maybe I don’t want to risk inadvertently changing settings or dosing. But if it’s in a clip on my belt??

None that I can see. But getting used to it.

I like using the T:connect app (when it stays paired), to see data related to changes that C-IQ makes with delivery.
But sometimes app update is delayed.