When you are High, What do you eat?

Out of curiosity, just wondering if you eat anything when your BG is really high (Above 200mg/dl!)

My self: I try to avoid food, drink non sugar drinks (Diet, Tea, Coffee, water…) sometimes I eat cucumber with cheese on the side…

What do you eat?

I know it’s probably horribly wrong, but when my BG is high, i’m usually pretty hungry too, so i just eat a sandwich or something if i’m hungry, and bolus for that… usually my BG keeps coming down because of the insulin already working (I don’t check, see that i’m 300, and then eat. I’ll usually wait about 45 minutes or so) so it’s not much of a problem.

Basically, something that’s filling, but not a TON of carbs. I don’t avoid food like the plague though either.

I do not usually eat anything yet…I just drink water and walk.

I eat a salad with meat, no carbs at all. then I have to watch out cause I’ll tank

Yeah, me too.
If it’s that high, I usually stick with some thing like broccoli or sugar snap peas, cucumber or salad w/o dressing, and some meat. I will wait until my bg comes down before I will eat anything with significant glucose, even like carrots. I am also pretty hungry when I eat, so I will bolus and then wait to eat carbs.

I don’t eat anything however I do drink as much water as I can.

hmmm…probably you drink air and sniff food! lol

Water is the key :o)

You are doing the right thing, I believe. No matter what people says

Try doubling that number (ie 400) and you’d be “high”. 200 is quite literally nothing,
However in answer to your question, when truly high, less carb laden foods are much better. You’ll be hitting the number with insulin anyway but no purpose to making matters higher by eating the cake, pizza, etc.

Water is required

For some of us with Type 2, 200 is crazy-high. For me to top 160 even after tons of carbs is crazy-high. Usually water and waiting are needed, but if I’m not back down in 2-3 hours, I may need some fast-acting carbs to kick in what remains of my natural insulin response to bring it back down.

I DRINK WATER. I usally do not eat if my blood sugar is over 150, but sometimes an unknown-cause, random high will slip in around meal time ( and I bring my lunch to work) I have to eat at my job at a certain time ( elementary school) or I do not get a chance to eat at all.
So I will take a correction bolus, if over 150 and eat the salad, cottage cheese and olive oil dressing, so I have , if any, a minimal additional carb bolus. Now if I am well over 200, I will skip lunch, take a correction bolus, as I well know that running around after the kiddies will take care of any random pre-meal high. But then, I have to check more often for lows :I am not hypo-unaware, but it is a hassle to get someone to watch the kids while I am testing blood glucose,as I do not do it in their presence. A glance at the CGMS will tell me if I am falling, and how fast, so that has helped. But of course you have to “confirm” with a finger stick,( one of your Gripes Stuart)

But my best treatment for a high is water, test, exercise, test, Water. Works every time.
God Bless,

Being diagnosed as a type 2, I am in difficult position not being able to correct for highs. Generally, if I am that high, eating is not the thing I need to be doing. I will fast, drink water and lightly exercise (walk) until my blood sugar is normalized.

There are some things that make my blood sugar go down. Although it may sound whacked, I’ll sometimes drink vinegar, usually drinking pickle juice right out of the jar.

Drinking alcohol also brings my blood sugar down, but I really can’t recommend that.

Water and get moving

Oh I forgot to add bolus to the mix,Water, Test , correction bolus , water, exercise, water test

Meat, cheese, maybe some veggies, definitely no carbs.

Mine never gets that high that I know of. But I’m type 2 and don’t have the option of taking insulin to bring it down. If I find it is high for me and I’m hungry, I will drink water, have some protein- fish, meat, and eat pickles or saurkraut which seems to bring it down. I will also go for a walk or run up and down the stairs to the basement of my building. If I’m not hungry then I will just exercise or if it is late at night drink a couple of big glasses of water and go to bed but I rarely get over 140. When we get a bigger place I really want to get some exercise equipment like a treadmill or stationary bike so that when it is out of range of what I like I can bring it down by hopping on a machine for 20 minutes.

150 is high for me. if it’s 2 hrs or more after a meal i walk up a steep hill first and test again. then if i’m hungry and still not below 130 then an ounce of cheese, an ounce of nuts, maybe a pickle
sometimes i will add an ounce of wine but don’t always have it around

depends on the situation for me. If its meal time I usually use a correction bolus combined with my meal bolus to get it on down. If its not, I dont eat, and i usually drink water or crystal light (no sugar and it tastes good. Exercise is good too, but in my case not always the easiest. If it is, I will exercise on our cross country exercise machine for 20-30 minutes also.

Usually a big bag of nachos.

Oh. THAT kind of high.