Where do you ride?

I rode mostly on the road last year but with 7 inchs of snow outside I haven’t been able to ride. However, I am in the process of purchasing a new Cannondale Scalpel 4. Inspired by Team Type1Rider, I plan to take this show competitive off-road next year. Tony the team founder has also sparked my interest in marathon/endurance cycling. I may give the 12 hours of Mohican a try next year. Who know??? So how about you, where you ride?

I live in Virginia and have a bad foot. I use to ride alot… However in the spring after surgury would love to get a group going to ride fro diabetes. The local road are hard to ride on with trucks however the blue ridge parkway is beutiful in spring and great to ride on. Perhaps we all can get togther and have a ride in Charlottesville VA. Please keep this in mind and keep filling me in and good luck.

More off road than possible! In the last time I’m more and more interested in DH and FR… Hope my bone will survive to my increasing mental illness! (or hill-ness? I love going up and down hills…)

Since last year I managed a restaurant, my bicycle waited me in a corner of my roof garden. So I’m now taking a second chance, but cycling only around House. That means in a beautiful national archaeological park (Appia Antica Park).

If you like, take a look to some pics here: www.appialonga.it

Enjoy them!

I live to ride, at least thats what the tattoo on my arm says lol! I have been a competative cyclist for about thirty years. It started with bmx when I was six. After that I got into x country mtn biking, road racing, triathlons, and than my favorite freeriding and dh racing. I still do all of these types of cycling today, thats alot of bikes, lol! This season im thinking about turning pro racing dh and slalom. I also am starting to get more interested endurnace 12 hr and 24 hr races, who nows what ill try next. I just got divorced so now I have nothing to do but train!!! One of my favorite rides is the JDRF Death Valley Ride to cure diabetes, this year will be my 8th time riding it along with the newest JDRF ride in killington Vermont! Ride on!!!

Hey Chad

Long time no see buddy! We met in DV and were Myspace friends when you had your page!

I am riding mostly to work and back right now (9 miles each way) I ride any weather, I also swim and run.

I started cycling seriously (more than 20 miles a year :)) about a year and a half ago. I have done several century rides todate, road racing, criterion and triathlons.

My goal is to qualify for and participate in Ironman Hawaii by the time I am 51 (I am 48 right now and have been type 1 for a little over 34 years)

I know this is a little more than where do you ride, but I am chatty :slight_smile:



hi! i ride only when the weather is fine, mostly in spring in the park basically.

Rock on Chad! Good luck with all of that time for training!!! Keep us posted on your exploits!!!

I like to ride when the weather is bad! Mostly the Morris County Parks system (Lewis Morris). Round Valley NJ, Dingman’s area of the Delaware Valley PA, Stowe Vermont, Catamount (Essex Jct) Vt. and anyplace there is mud and tree limbs and rocks. But don’t get me wrong - you guys are outa my leage in terms of fitness. Maybe I won’t be so fat next year =)

we’re pretty lucky in N.E. Ohio .We have some great bike trail. I love riding in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
Last Summer My wife and I rode from Akron to Zoar Ohio on the bike trail that runs along the Ohio Cannel. So far Ive saved it for nice weather .

I’m outside of philly and will probably locked on my bike trainer till april :frowning: but on the plus side I can now safely avoid the philly area motorists who really don’t enjoy sharing the road w/ bikes

I live in San Diego and i ride with my crew, “WE Ride SD” and we’re mostly Fixie Riders…but we have friends in our crew that ride mountain bikes, single speeds and multi-gears…WE Ride in our town on Thursdays and WE Ride a New spot of San Diego every bi-weekly Sunday…and we take pics of our bikes at each place and use them as spoke cards…u can check out my 2009 Fuji Track on my profile…i have Velocity Deep V’s…and just recently vinyl wrapped my bike with black vinyl and added BLACK W1DOW stickers…

Riding has controlled my Diabetes and has put in better shape then i was in High School…I’ll prolly be Riding Critical Mass tomorrow…enjoy!

I live in Northern Virginia and typically ride on the trails that we have along the Potomac river or the trial that goes out towards Dulles airport. People ride on the roads such as the GW parkway but you are really flirting with death. There is hardly enough room for a car much less a car and a biker. The trial I ride on are great! A loop from my house to National airport and back is 21 miles, to Roosevelt Island 26. Because the trail network is so large it is very easy to ride more than enough miles without getting bored.

I ride in the mountains. I’ve been off my bike for a while because it got stolen from me, know I’m looking at buying a new one to get the hang of it again. Wish me luck. Any bike suggestions?