Which Foods Make Your Sugar Levels Go Nuts?

Some foods, no matter their carb count or how much I eat just make my sugar-levels go out of whack, especially after I go to sleep. Unfortunately they are usually the most tasty. What foods do that to you?

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Chris Frankie
Diabetes News Hound

Have not had a bowl of cereal in months
Brownies send me soaring

Chinese food and potatoes.

I love to eat mashed potatoes, rice, home made breads and low sugar peach cobbler. But all of these foods send me to the 500 range even with a bolus.

cereal , bread , peanut butter . even the whole wheat bread and the fat free bread , it does not matter what kind of cereal or bread or peanut butter .also no chineese food ever .

Wheat, oatmeal. rice. anything with starch. no amount of insulin keeps it from soaring up.

Pizza! also Chinese food. and birthday cake but I love it anyway

Cheerios, any kind of buns, and any kind of pasta!

Any kind of cereal does it to meā€¦Donuts mess me up too.