Which Ketone Meter should I get? Any suggestions or reviews appreciated


I have a Freestyle Precision Neo meter (does test for BG as well as Ketones however requires different strips for each).

It works well, very reliable

Heard many recommendations on the Keto Mojo, especially in comparison with other meters like for example the precision xtra.

I found this article which compares different ketone meters

I use the KetoMojo for keytone testing and like it. The only downside is that I got so used to the contour test strips for my CGM glucose readings. The Keytone strips that come with the KetoMojo in comparison take a huge amount of blood, similar to the glusoce test strips of 20 years ago. Not sure if that is the same with all Keytone strips. The KetoMojo has strips available for both Glucose and Keytone readings but I use it only for the Keytones with the Keytone strips.

For my Dexcom CGM I use the contour meter with the glucose strips and the contour meter does not have a keytone strip option.

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Interesting point CJ114, May I ask why you dont use the keto mojo for glucose testing? Is this pure habit or some other reason?

When I went on the Dexcom CGM, my initial Dexcom package came with the Contour Meter, strips, lancet and test solution. For decades previously I had been using One Touch Ultra Meter and strips. I tested the Contour meter against the One Touch and found it more accurate and more comfortable to use (Less Blood).

Subsequent monthly Medicare replenishment of Dexcom Sensors and supplies included the Contour strips so I have just stayed with that meter. When I started reducing my carbs, I was advised to check my Keytones to see if I was in Ketosis so that is when I added the Keto Mojo meter. I never tried that meter with the Keto Mojo glucose strips, just the Keto Mojo keytone strips.