Which Mattress to Buy For A newborn

Hi, I am a first time mother. I don’t have experience choosing mattresses for newborns. Could you please tell me which crib mattress to buy for a safe sleeping?

Hi Hanna,

When choosing a mattress, you should choose a firm mattress, firmer than the adults would want to sleep on. I bought a mattress from Naturepedic.

Hi Vienntta, I have just read this article https://mattermattress.com/foam-vs-coil-crib-mattress/ and it makes me confused whether i should buy a coil or foam mattress. Could you please tell me which one should i buy? Thanks in advance.

I am confused. Why on earth would you come to a diabetes forum to ask strangers what kind of mattress you should buy for your newborn?

Hi Willow4, I have read some posts on pregnancy and that’s why i made a thread here. If it breaks community rules, i will respect their action. I am going to stop this topic here. Thank you everyone.