Which meter is the most accurate yet requires a small sample size?

I am using the One Touch, but that requires too large a sample size.

I use the Accu-chek Aviva, the sample size is pretty small imo, and the lancing device(multiclix) that comes with it is the least painful one I've ever tried in all my years of testing (type1 45 years). I always check my blood in the parking lot after I've had my quarterly blood draw, so I can compare it to the lab results, and it's always within 5 or so points.

Here is a link to a pdf file to all available blood glucose meters in Finland:


Blood sample sizes are listed there.

My personal favourite is Glucocard X-mini plus- meter (with X-sensor strips), 0.3 µl sample size. Excellent meter.

Abbott Freestyle Lite has 0.3 µl sample size, too.

Both meters are accurate according to this test (pdf):

One Touch needs 1 µl, over 3 times as much.

Accu-Chek Aviva needs 0.6 µl.

I use Multiclix as my lancing device.

Lifescan Verio (Pro or IQ) requires 0,4 µl and are very very accurate. Their measures seem higher than other glucometers but they are very near YSI full blood measures in low as well as high BG ranges.
Here a good test by Norvegian SKUP labs (link), they check many glucometers (link)

BGStar or iBGStar by sanofi/agamatrix are other good meters, 0,5 µl sample.

As my lancing device I use Fastclix by accucheck: it has a drum of 6 lancets, it's soft and fast to use.

2919-verio_FDA_K110637.pdf (144 KB)