Which should we choose?

So after our battle of two years, my daughter is getting a pump!!! just in time for Christmas, a Christmas that her Marine father will be home for! So now all I have to do is pick the pump and email the educator asap to get the order in so that it is here in time for the saline week and then she can be on it for a week before Christmas.

The doctor said that it is our pick but we don’t know what we want or what is better for a three year old little girl.

I have a 5-year-old who started pumping at 4… we picked the Animas Ping but we only had two choices from our insurance carrier… Medtronic or Animas. We liked the Ping because the dosage sizes are the smallest increment possible (important for little ones) and because of the remote control meter. I still like it, but I have NO experience with any other options.

I love my daughter’s Animas Ping - the remote meter is fantastic. I can bolus her if she’s running really high and I don’t need to wake her. She can wear her pump under her clothing and bolus herself (she’s a teen) and not take her pump out. In the winter, when we went cross country skiing it was very convenient.

The tech support has been fantastic, if/when we’ve had problems, which we have, they’ve been great about getting us a new pump/meter out immediately.

Also - I didn’t think we’d use it but, the water proof feature is really nice. My daughter runs really high in extreme heat. The summer before last she stayed in a swimming pool most of the time for two days - too long to keep her pump off. She just clipped it to her suit and we had no issues.

A couple of things - the software that comes with the pump for downloading information does not easily interface if you have Windows 7 although plenty of people have posted on this site about how to get around that.

The clip that comes with the pump breaks after several months but your child is young enough that that isn’t likely the way she’ll wear it.

Good luck - it’s a new learning curve with the transition but it’s quick and it’s so nice!


we have a military insurance, but the military hospital didn’t tell us we were restricted… but they said they preferred the new rival from medtronic. im leaning animas cause the remote.

We have the Revel which has been great for us…it has a smaller increment size and the ability to use the CGM with it, which has almost wiped out all of her low BGs with the predicted low feature. It’s taken away a lot of my stress when I’m driving and I wonder if she’s going low, I can now hear the low alarm and give her a juice to head it off at the pass. There is a remote thing we can use with the pump, but I’ve never needed to use it.

Have you considered the omnipod? No tubing and it’s waterproof. My son tried it (he’s 14) but decided he didn’t want any kind of pump attached to him but everyone else who uses it seems to love it.

My daughter just turned 10 and has been pumping for only 1 month. We chose the Omnipod and have had a wonderful first month. No tubing and waterproof. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, with our limited experience.
Praying you find your answer and blessings on your new endeavor!

my husband has his mind made up about the animas, he wants it.

I have a 13 year old daughter with an Animas pump. Their customer service is very good. As mentioned above, we have had to replace the clip a number of times. I order a couple off their website to have on hand. Your daughter is younger so you may not have to worry about it. We are also military, Army, but I have heard from civilian counterparts that they attended an expo that had all the pumps available for comparison. I don’t know if you could tap into something locally that would offer this. Best of luck with the pump. Glad dad will be home for Christmas. I know all too well what it is like to have them miss a holiday or two or three…

Our 5 year old is on animas because it’s basal rates went down to the smallest increments possible (medtronic’s now does too) and because it’s water proof (medtronic’s is not, yet.)

I am glad Sol is on the ping- it works very well for him. (despite having several breaks that are rare among the other kids whose parents I’ve heard from).

I love minimed (medtronic) though. When they go waterproof, he’ll be on them as soon as possible.

Since I use both (minimed for me) very often, this is where MM wins:

  • So easy to program and to use, much less repeating of the steps as in animas
  • Great customer service
  • Better options for the clips to attach to clothing
  • Larger company, seemingly more resources
  • Made out of very durable motorcycle helmet plastic

And those are what I can think of at the moment!

I’d recommend contacting the educator to see if s/he has materials for you to learn more directly- I’m quite sure any company would be happy to send you a pump rep to introduce the product & promote it to you. (Hopefully they’d bring one so you could get a feel for it.) Probably the easiest way to tell!

Congrats- once you’ve adjusted to life on the pump, it’s such a better one for both parents and child!

Niece has had both Animas 2020 (and we upgraded to Ping), Minimed Revel. Really we do prefer the MM Revel because she is a young teen and there are times she uses a lot of insulin. Animas has a smaller reservoir. The Revel and Ping both have lower basal increments now; so no difference there. But the Revel allows you to customize bolus, as in ICRs of 1 to 9; 1 to 9.1 or 9.2, 9.3, as opposed to the Animas which goes up in increments of .5 as in 9, 9.5, 10, etc. Minimed does not have the separate remote which could come in handy. But she uses Freestyle meter so would have to carry three things if she used the remote. We do not use the remote on the Ping, basically (she wore it over the summer). Animas pump is more waterproof; no question about it. Animas will replace their pump if you wear it in the water; Minimed will not. That said we prefer the Dexcom cgms to the Minimed’s so depending on what Minimed does on the cgms front, her next pump will probably be Animas IF and WHEN they finally integrate Animas with Dexcom. Between these two pumps, you cannot go wrong. They are both excellent.

We have a Ping, but also an almost 11 year old child. You definitely want something with a remote. I don’t know if that includes any options besides Ping or Omnipod. I thought that tubing would be a big issue, but it’s not. An Omnipod might be better for a littler kid, though, because my daughter watches for her tubing, which is no problem for her but which might be hard for a 3 year old to do.

My three year old is on the Omnipod for a year now - we love it! I liked the idea that she has no tubing and the pdm is separate from her - no bumping, pushing buttons etc. The install on this pump is very easy - and does not seem to hurt very much (the worst part for her is that it clicks and takes about 20 seconds before the needle goes in so she gets nervous waiting for it). The biggest issues we have had seem to be with her sites - we really need to rotate between four sites to keep it working well. No matter what pump you choose, after you get over the learning curve (the first month for us was very rough - took that long to get the basal rates correct) you will relish the freedom. She wants another serving at dinner - she can have it. She went to bed late one night - you can let her sleep in. She is not hungry - you can wait awhile(as long as her number is in range). It really lets you get some spontaneity back.

Lots of great answers already, but thought I’d chime in with my experience here too. My 7 year old daughter has been on the MiniMed paradigm and we recently upgraded to the Revel. The MiniMed Revel now has the smaller increments for bolusing as well. It also has some really great features, I would recommend contacting a local Medtronics rep to walk you through the features of the pump (and the Animas rep too). She is using the CGM also, and we like that the pump functions as the receiver, and she doesn’t need to carry a second item. The CGM with REVEL pump, has predictive alarms which we LOVE! It has really cut out much of her hypoglycemia. It alarms telling you that at the rate her BG is dropping, she WILL be low in a matter of time, if you don’t treat now. She wears her pump in a pouch around her waist, usually under her clothes. I do know that Medtronics is working on a newer, smaller CGM that should be even better for the smaller kids…just waiting on FDA approval. Medtronics also has a Pathways program…insurance companies typically will not pay for any part of a new pump AT LEAST until your warranty has expired…and sometimes even longer than that. Medtronics Pathways program allows you to upgrade your pump to a newer version with a fee (we paid $399 to upgrade to the Revel - we felt it was a huge benefit given that we were starting her on the CGM).

Whatever you choose…Good Luck! I hope you love pumping as much as we do!

I have been trying to find information on what is currently being developed by these pump manufactures…can you point me to a site for medtronics where they discuss the smaller CGM.


Russ, I was just at a presentation that our local Medtronics Reps put on and they spoke of these changes coming. (The smaller CGM I believe they said was waiting for FDA approval.) I don’t know if that means they don’t actually publish it yet, but I’ll take a look and let you know if I find it in writing :slight_smile:

Our son would not consider a pump with tubing. He is extremely open about T1D, but for some reason the idea of the pump hanging from his belt for all to see bothered him. We have been using OmniPod for over 2 years now and really like it. There is a new, smaller version of the pod due out any time, as well.

a smaller censor would be nice, my daughter is very tiny, she is 30lbs and she is almost four. the omni pod isnt an option anymore, the endo doesn’t want smaller children on a pod out here.