Who uses both a Contour Next One Meter and a Freestyle Libre 2 sensor?

Have you found a way to coordinate the data from both in a way that you can take notes and see the results you want in order to manage your blood sugar levels?

Do you use a special software package that can use the data from both?

In my first 2 weeks of use I found that I need to be able to determine how much in total I am taking in of insulin and to have some doses on one and not on the other made that terribly difficult.

So I have decided I can scan with the Freestyle Libre 2, but if I am going to enter insulin then I also have to use the Contour Next One meter and add the doses on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ where I am able to enter words to describe what I am eating and other notes re medication and supplements. Then that way I can see on the Tablet what my total doses are for the day.

I do like the alarms on the Libre 2 for lows and highs especially when asleep as it was for that reason that I was terrified to take too much insulin in total for a day before, due to fears of going low while asleep. I have several injuries to my body from LOW BS disasters that have happened from lows while asleep.

The problem is NFC (Near Field Communication) is not available on Samsung Tablets. I do not want to incur the cost of having a cell phone as they have too tiny a screen for me to see anyway and I do not want the added cost of a cell phone to buy and to carry the plan just to manage blood sugars.

So, I am asking here to see what other do who have both of these devices to coordinate their data successfully.

Eventually, I would like to add in the use of Glooko software to also manage my food eaten as I learned of that here on Tudiabetes years ago and so far have not used it.

Tidepool.org can display data from both devices in one view, but uploading Freestyle Libre 2 data is a bit complicated. You first need to upload the data to Libreview, then export it and upload the export file to Tidepool.

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Thank you for that tip, I will see how much I can learn about that with help from my friend also after the election. I do know it is complicated, but the Tidepool tip is useful.