Who uses only Metformin?

I was listening to a speech on the diabetes symposium website and heard a doctor say that metformin is best for pre-diabetes. that made me wonder. I use Metformin AND Starlix AND low carb and I’ve just spent 4 hours walking( to my chagrin, I’ve forgotten to put on my pedometer, so don’t know how far I walked… Are there any folks out there who use Metformin only and do well with it It wasn’t enough for me

Hi Hana,
I started out on Glipizide. Metformin wasn’t an option for me. The Glipizide did nothing for me. After other trials I am now on insulin and low carb and get great blood sugar control. My son in law uses Metformin. He is definitely not under control. I told him to go back to the doctor and tallk to him. His doctor put him on two Metformin twice a day. He is still not under control. He is doing a little bit better, but still having blood sugars of 300 to 500 each day. I am really worried about him. He is only 33 and I want him to go back and demand better care. He and my daughter have a new baby and I am so worried something will happen to him.

if you examine the research data, you’ll see that a major study poves very conclusively that Metformin does not prevent pre-diabetes, but merely masks its progression. That’s because people taking Metformin were still getting blood sugars high enough to damage their beta cells–i.e. spending much time over 140 mg/dl which seems to be the threshold for damage.


Young men are always difficult. My husband developed type 1 in his 20s and tried to pretend it didn’t exist for years. He did dreadfully stupid things and didn’t go to the doctor for checkups. Now he has 2 Charcot feet and some kidney damage and has had his eyes lasered several times. He’s finally started to listen to me and has lowered his carbs and improved his control. Essentially all you can do about your son-in-law, is worry. He’ll come round when he’s ready and not one moment before. I’ve lived with this for 35 years and I tried everything I knew. Nothing worked.

I managed for a while on a visit to the USA 3 years ago, with only the Metformin. (I’d forgotten to pack the gliclazide) I kept to low carbs and walked miles every day. Since i have learned that gliclazide promotes weight gain, I was determined to get off it. I now use Starlix, if I’m having a meal containing ANY visible carbs.I only acts for about an hour, so I’m managing to make inroads ointo the weight too. I’m lighter than I’ve been for years. I never let BG get up to 7.5(135) and my opthalmologist has put me on to 9 month intervals between visits. I have some retinopathy from before diagnosis, but it’s completely sestable.

Thanks Hana, your understanding has helped me. My son in law had a heart attack about a month and a half after they learned they were going to become new parents. That was when he learned he was a type 2 diabetic. Both of his parents are type 2 also. They have been for years and are very noncompliant with their diets. Or maybe their doctor hasn’t really put them on any kind of regulated diet. His father thinks nothing of eating a dozen doughnuts at a time. He tells his son,“you only live once”. I am a type 2 also and have tried to help my daughter with recipes and meal choices. I want her to be careful also because there is a lot of diabetes in our famiy. She does her best, but can’t be a watchdog for him. I worry and pray a LOT.

I was started on 5 mg Glucotrol XL QD at point of diagnosis, but I was doing well enough that about 6 months out, my doc switched me to 500 mg Glucophage XR BID (there was no generic extended-release metformin at that time). I had also been a lot stricter with my diet than I've been lately and dropped from 220 lb to about 170 lb. Once the switch completed, I had no problem except that once I had a PM doctor's appt and ended up going slightly hypo in her office because I'd not had any dinner yet. Then the following Yom Kippur (down to 143 lb), following the doc's procedure for fasting (do not take the metformin with the last meal before fasting; resume after breaking fast), I ended up having to break my fast early because I'd dropped down to 51 and the doc had told me that I would pass out if I got as low as 50. At that point she dropped me back to 500 mg Glucophage XR QD, and based on continuing improvement, we dropped the metformin completely in January 2004. I've been diet-and-exercise-only since.

So yeah, metformin alone worked for me.

The Other Half has recently been put on metformin extended-release 1000 mg BID because of high BG readings (his average is now down to around 120); his A1C has been reading normal throughout. Not sure why this is so, since his postprandial and fasting are consistent with each other, suggesting that there is no intermediate hypo to counter the high BG (any ideas?)...

Bottom line is, I think, that metformin alone is working for him.

My type 2 was discovered after a stroke. My mother was sure she didn’t have it, but they’ve just found it in her too. She’s 90. Her sister died of a stroke at 68( I bet she had it too) and their mother, my grandmother, did definitely. We also all carry too much weight. I’m trying to lose, but it goes slowly.
After my diagnosis, I tried to comply with dietary plans from the hospital, but all that did was put on more weight. they put me on Metformin and gliclazide and that added more weight. then I discovered Dr, Bernstein’s book a couple of years ago and more recently Gary Taubes. I’m now fairly low carb, off gliclazide ( but using the occasional Starlix) and down about 40 pounds. It’s taken about 8 months. I wouldn’t dare eat a doughnut. I used to love them. I’ve decided I need to cut back the carbs even more. I’m going to try Dr. Bernstein’s 6;12;12 pattern. Try pointing your son-in-law at the books and keep asking if his life insurance is up-to-date. He just MIGHT get the message.

WE’ve had a series of diet/weightloss programmes on TV, where volunteers followed a given eating plan and were monitored. A couple of them were pre-diabetic, and after 3 months of metformin and diet ( low calorie;low fat,not low carb)and exercise 10,000 steeps a day, were out of the pre-diabetic state and much lighter. I suspect the constant monitoring might have contributed a lot to their success.Exercise is meant to help with inssulin sensitivity too.

I’m on a generic Metformin, but it’s not the extended release. that’s not available in 500mg doses I think. I have 4 a day. Morning,mid-day and evening meals and bedtime. The next size up are the 800s and i don’t know if they are extended either. I must ask my pharmacist. that’s one advantage f the NHS. Pharmacists are integrated into the scheme