Whole psyllium-husk & cholesterol

I recently read a physician’s advice for lowering cholesterol without medications. In addition to the standard advice about exercise,vegetables,omega-3 rich foods, the doctor recommended adding whole psyllium-husk to daily diet.
Who has experience with this additive? Is it really effective in reducing LDL and total cholesterol levels?


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Here’s the evidence!!! Hope it is helpful to you.

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cool, something to try, for my cholesterol,.

I stared taking psyllium about 6 weeks ago. My lipid panel did show modest improvement all around.
I will continue w/ psyllium & report back with my next labs.

My first few days w/ psyllium proved a little challenging as I tried to figure out a reasonable way to ingest it. I have settled on a highly watered down smoothie thing: a bit of fruit (often frozen), a dollop of yogurt or buttermilk, 1 tablespoon psylium, water & ice–blended. I actually find it satifying–a good choice pre-workout etc.

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i just made physillium bread yesterday. seems to be a forgiving receipe. tastes good, and very low carb - about 2.5 per bun, i think.


I have been taking psyllium husk daily for 8 months. I settled on a dose of 7 grams daily.
Before my LDL was 115. It has declined to 106. Not exactly a huge improvement. My PCP, of course, is still urging me to try a low-dose statin.

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