Why doesn't my Libre system work?

I am grossly obese and my Libre system issued by the VA is routinely 100+ points too low compared to traditional glucose monitoring using stick pins and test strips. Is there a body mass index issue for the senors that limit their use? I’ve gone through 5 sensors so far the every one reads at least 100 points lower than my Accu-Chek Aviva glucometer.

What does Abbott say when you call their customer service line?

I wonder if the Aviva has anything to do with it? I was using newer roche meters when I got my first sensors and they were a near perfect match. That was the Guide strips I was using. I would ask my doctor or Abbott just to be sure.

I have used it for a while, and find it is a good guide of how you body is going. When it shows you are going low you need to do something about it, plus the same as going high. It has worked for me as my hb1c are reading good. This keeps me inline after 70 years of being Type 1 and still going strong.

I’ve mentioned this before on a few other threads, but Cgms used to be affected by Tylenol… libre claims it does not have any contraindications, however, I used naproxen sodium for a toothache, and it read 100 points low for about 10 hours…I thought it was a bad sensor, remembered the naproxen sodium, tested when it wore off, and it was fine. Unfortunately, any other medicines may adversely affect the libre, and only trial and error will tell you…remember, cymbalta was originally an antidepressant, now prescribed for diabetic nerve pain, and any pain medication will probably trigger the libre to give false lows to compensate for the false highs acetaminophen used to give…vitamin c also, but any other meds can affect it…might need to switch to Dexcom or eversense