Why I love the Omnipod?

Sorry to hear you had problems. You, actually were one of the few others here that help me decide on the omnipod. Oh well, the issue with treatment is that one treatment is not always the best for everyone. I wish you much success with whatever you end up doing…and keep smiling.

I just carry my animas with me to the shower or bath and i have for years with no probs. i did a pod trial and found it uncomfortable. i would however consider a solo.

Hi Jon!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with omnipod. I´m Minimed paradigm user for 4 years now but i´ve to confess that i´m not completely adapted. The tube annoys me… and to know that we´ve new technology to choose is just amazing!!! as you said… now they can only come up with the cure!!
we dont have omnipod in Brazil yet but if sometime you have the chance, please ask them when we´ll, please. I already wrote an email but had no answer.
Again… thanks for sharing. all the best always!! Fabiana

Hi Fabiana, I will surely give omnipod a call for you. It’s been a long time since we wrote. Hope all is well in Brazil, and if it’s not, I know you will make it so.

I really like the pump. I never realized how it is so much easier to do the right thing at any particular time. Extending the bolus has really helped me a lot. Kind of hard to do that with needles, and that’s just one of the advantage. Going tubeless, just fits my lifestyle. At work, I usually keep the PDM at my desk and wonder around, sleeping at night, the PDM is usually in another room…tubeless…got to love it.

Talk to you soon and take care young lady.