Why I love the Omnipod?

I can sleep at night and toss and turn without getting tangled in tubes. I actually leave the PDM in another room. I can also go outside and/or run to the store and leave the PDM home. I get to walk around work with nothing hanging off me. It gives me some form of freedom. Now if they can only come up with a cure…!

Almost considered the cozmos…but they went out of business, I’m now glad they did or I wouldn’t have come to know the Pod.

Hey Insulet! I just gave you a plug, so either give me some free pods or start making them a little smaller. :}

I forgot to mention. It’s tubeless. I think MM and Animas should really look to this technology. The more competition, the better us in terms of cost.

There is talk of smaller pods coming maybe later this year. I also have heard that all major manufacturers are looking at offering tubeless pumps.

Ps I love my pod too.

Honestly, I hardly ever get tangled up in tubing. It’s clipped to my PJ pants or the front of my T-shirt. So that’s not exactly a concern for everyone who has a tubed pump. And I love that I don’t need a PDM. The pump is all in one, so no extra gadget. But I’m glad that people with Omnipods love their Omnipod, I just wish more people weren’t so “tubeless is better than tubed pumps!” If that was true, then we’d all have switched to Omnipod.

My favorite part is not having to wait to shower (or other “activity”) until an extended bolus is finished.

I have to agree with Allison that there is nothing wrong with the tubed pumps. I actually changed from Omnipod to Minimed and like MM much better and don’t have issues with the tubing. I started pumping just because of the tubeless feature Omnipod offered thinking pumping would finally be worth trying. But I had nothing but problems with Omnipod which I haven’t had with MM. However, I am glad that it’s working well for you! I don’t think it matters which pump anyone uses as long as it works well for you. Everyone is different. What works for one person may not work for the next person. I hope it continues to work great for you though.

I think that’s great for you Allison. But what I think it boil’s down to is how an individual wants to personally manage his or her’s insulin delivery. Like you, we have two things in common. I have an infusion site, and I have a controller device. The only difference is that I elected not to have them attached physically via a tube. That is my choice and fits the way that I live. You on the other hand, find it more comfortable to have the physical connection.

Which way is better? I think my way is better, you think your way is better…we are both right.

Shannon, I have done extended bolus and jumped in the shower. Am I doing something wrong here?

No, that’s just it. When I had a tubed pump, I had to “wait out” the extended bolus before disconnecting. Now, with the Pod, I don’t have to disconnect at all. It’s fantastic.

Thanks Stacey and I hope your MM works great for you. By the way, what kind of problems were you having with the Omnipod? I’ve had none so far, but I would like to know what I should watch for. (poor sentence structure there…:}

Yes MM does work well for me,thanks. As for OP I actually kept notes of all the problems I had at the time but the ones I remember were pods malfunctioning for some odd reason several times, several site infections(even using pods every 2-3 days) which caused bad scarring that I didn’t think would ever heal right, cannulas would come out just enough where I didn’t realize it and insulin would be leaking out slowly and then blood sugars would shoot up high.I had to get the PDM replaced once too. I had so many issues I was getting nervous to leave the house afraid that something would go wrong when I was out which they did. I was calling Insulet every week…sometimes several times with ongoing issues so that is why I finally ended up changing. I came very close a few times ending up in the hospital because of problems with it. But in the beginning I absolutely loved Omnipod before the problems started. But maybe it was because it was still so new on the market at the time. I don’t know. But I’m glad it works so well for you and others now! I hope you continue to go problem free!! :0) I just wish it had worked better for me at the time!

:slight_smile: Whew…thanks. I have so much freedom with the pod and was worried you were going to burst my bubble. I can’t wait until the other pump companies working on tubeless come out with there products. Nothing like a little competition to drive the price down for us consumers. and between you and me, we will probably get a lot of converts,

Check this out Danny. And no, I do not work for Insulet. I just hate people crushing what works best for me.

Cut and paste http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/marketwire/0582264.htm

That would be great. In my opinion, tubeless is the way to go and it appears that many manufactures are thinking the same way. And, I think the pod rules.

AHHHHH, all Pumps are great!! UMMMMM, I might just have to get me one! :slight_smile: I give all of you alot of “Kudos” for using the Pump…I am still a big sissy.

I guess we all have thick skulls and it takes a lot to change ones perspective. All I can say, is stop putting down the pod. It’s a great device. MM and Animas must think so or they wouldn’t be working on their own tubeless version

I completely agree. It’s just preference. The fact that people get so up in arms about “such-and-such pump sucks, you should get on this one!” is really annoying (I’m not saying that’s what you’re doing, but it’s a trend among the diabetes community). You’re right that we are both right - but we’re both wrong. Nothing is better. It’s what is comfortable, easy and performs well that matters.

BTW - you have a physically connection too. You have a lump on your arm or back, don’t you? The Omnipod is much larger that a set anyway, so please don’t think that just because you don’t have something on your pant pocket that you are somehow less connected than me.

The study actually compared Omnipod to people who were on injections.


The study also reviewed 12 patients who switched to the OmniPod System from a conventional insulin pump and showed a reduction in average one-year A1C values by 0.2%. Researchers noted that although this difference was not statistically significant, the results were encouraging and the lack of statistical significance may be attributable to the small sample size of this study. A larger study to evaluate the A1C improvements in this patient population is recommended.

I’m on the OmniPod and can testify that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. In the past two days, I’ve had FOUR pods error out or occlude, each pair within 5 minutes of each other.

While I love the freedom being tubeless, I am considering switching to a traditional insulin pump (if only my insurance company would agree). The pod is wreaking havoc on my blood sugars…not good for someone who is planning for a pregnancy in the next couple of years.

To get into a little more detail…the occlusions are fine. It’s when there is no alarm whatsoever that worries me, and the only indication I have of a possible bum pod is my cgm squealing every few minutes. The other day, my bg wouldn’t go down, and I had bolused about 2x what I did for lunch in a three-hour period (bg was almost at 300). There was a pool of insulin where the little window was and the adhesive was soaked, leading me to believe the pod wasn’t delivering insulin effectively in the first place. Maybe the pod was okay and my site was bad, but still…why no alarm? If I didn’t have a cgm who knows how high my bg would have gotten.

That being said, I’m glad the OmniPod is working for whoever it’s working for. It’s just not working for me.

HI Allison. I hopefully didn’t flat out say tubless is better. I just think it’s better for me. Glad you like yours. No matter what pump you use, pumps I feel are so much better than MDI (once again for me). I’ve only been pumping for the past 4 months, and I love the idea that I can suspend insulin, double a bolus…etc etc.

Take care