Will be asking my doctor for an Rx for unlimited insulin refills

Nope, it’s really boring. The United States is far more interesting!


If I have some problem with my Rx my next stop is the ER for a $1,200 shot of Lantus billed to insurance and a prescription that works.

I am not playing games like back when I was on Clonopin.

Same thing if they won’t sell me needles cause I “look like a druggy”, next time a pharmacy pulls that I go to the ER cause I need my medicine injected then sue the pharmacy for profiling me.

I am not taking crap from people anymore.

I have also gone to the ER for insulin. I dont think they would have given it to me, though. I brought my dad to stare at the Doc. That worked.

In my state, they have to give you a few syringes, even if you ARE a druggy. But, I know it differs state to state.

For controlled drugs (not insulin) the federal government sets the maximum length of the prescription.

For non-controlled prescription drugs (analog insulins), the time limit is I understood to be set by state government, and while 12 months is a common number, I believe some states allow 24 month prescriptions.

While the most common length of an insulin prescription where I live for the past 20 years has been 12 months, my current doctors office will only write insulin prescriptions for 6 months at a time and schedules my appointments 3 months apart.


I know I have to chill out but I resent having to ask anyone for permission to buy the medicine that keeps me alive.

What if they said no you can’t have it ? Obviously I would take it by force cause its my belief that death is a thing to avoid at all costs.

I just resent it taking money out of my pocket and paying someone for an insulin purchase permission slip. Feels like extortion.

How would the sugar normal’s who make these rules on us like it if we made them get an RX to be allowed to buy food ??


My copay for an ER visit is a lot higher than what I pay for many months worth of insulin. I could get about 6 months worth of insulin for one ER copay. Also, before I was diagnosed, an urgent care center sent me to the ER saying my blood sugar level was so high I was about to go into a coma. I went to the ER, one that is a highly regarded one in big city, and all they did was monitor me for most of the day, gave me an IV and monitored my heart, but said they do not treat high blood sugar so they gave me nothing to bring down my level. They sent me home at 2 am on a Saturday night with no instructions other than to get with a primary care doc, who I told them I did not have. They gave me no advice on how to eat or any advice whatsoever as to how to treat my high blood sugar. When I finally got into a doc, when she she saw my test results from the hospital, she said I was extremely close to being in DKA at the hospital, yet they didn’t give me insulin, never mentioned insulin and just sent me home. Had my husband not been one with type 2 who had an understanding of what not to eat in order to keep blood sugar levels down, I probably would have died before I could get into a doc, thanks to the ER at the major hospital here not treating high blood sugar levels and sending me home.

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I think that it might be fair to say, “The hospital does not treat high blood sugar.” That seems the most honest summary of the situation. Its short and too the point. Thank you, @Stang777. Its surprisingly simple now that I hear you state it. Thats how it works, isn’t it? I feel that I have had a real moment of truth and deeper understanding for how the system works. Thanks.

I am keenly aware that when I have been able to obtain insulin from the ER, I was very fortunate.

You are welcome. I do not understand them not treating someone who has a blood sugar level of over 500 and is almost in DKA, especially not when the urgent care center called them and told them they had sent me over and why. But, if it gave you a better understanding then I am happy. :slight_smile:

Your right, of course, @IgotT1. I resent it as well. Probably lots of us do.

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It sounded strange when I read what you wrote. Its true, but to hear someone say it so simply! Yes! That’s what they do. Its nuts. They are out of their minds.

What classifies as DKA? At what number are they forced to provide treatment? There must be a number. I know that I was diagnosed at 800, but that was the limit for me. I was almost dead. I’m gonna post the question. Its a good one.

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I don’t know the level, but my doc told me if the labs had shown the level of something they tested for was just 1 higher, I would have been classed as being in DKA. She was amazed they sent me home. I had been sick for about a month before I ended up at the urgent care center, lost about 15 pounds in three weeks regardless of eating more, I was having chest pains, shortness of breath, had a sick tummy and horrible taste in my mouth, and had just felt like crap for a while. It was the chest pains and shortness of breath that made me go in to urgent care. Turns out my blood sugar was high enough that it caused the right side of my heart to be enlarged and that was the cause of the shortness of breath and chest pains, as was the fact that I was so close to being in DKA. My blood sugar was at that level even though I had not eaten anything for about 12 hours, but yea, the ER doesn’t treat high blood sugar. They are lucky I lived, my husband would have sued them for everything they have if I hadn’t.

Thats a really horrible story. Makes my hair stand on end. It must not be a specific number, but a combination of symptoms indicating that death is imminent if they don’t act.

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I’m on medicare and I have a supplemental policy through BCBS. Because insulin is considered medicine, it’s covered through my supplemental policy which covers drugs.

Buy omeprazole at Walmart or on amazon can get 42 days for about $16

That is malpractice. You should have sued. Wreckless malpractice. If you have a T1 or T2 coming in for initial treatment after diagnosis they should be admitted and treated/trained by an endocrinologist and dietician and CDE. That hospital’s actions were unconscionable.

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Thanks, Sam. Unfortunately I take it twice a day, so the $2 co-pay I had been paying for years which then went up to a $15 co-pay, and this for a 90-day supply, will now cost me $32 PER MONTH! I cannot afford this.

I hope Medicare is still around in 30 years. Who knows. When Obama was Pres. I didn’t pay anything for my prescriptions. Once I paid the umbrella which was $100.00 the rest were $0.00. With Trump I’m now back to paying $20.00 per prescription every single time. I still don’t understand why. Health Insurance is no joke.

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Thanks, I agree, but one thing is, and I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I had not been diagnosed with anything at that point. All I had been told, which was by the urgent care doc, was I needed to go straight to the ER as my sugar level was so high I was about to go into a coma, nothing more. No diagnosis had been given at that point, it wasn’t until almost a week later that I got in with a doc and was diagnosed with adult rapid onset type 1

Ruth, try using the app GoodRX on your phone or PC, you can get Omeprazole for $5.25 at Costco or $9 at Walmart.

Sorry, maybe next time I do it.

I had another mission, Xanax, partial fail only Klonopin but the whole make a case that goes with getting the kind anxiety medicine that actually works distracted me so I forget to ask about refills until the day diabetes is cured.

Xanax is IMO is less likely to cause dependency cause it clears out quicker wile Klonopin half life makes it hand around and gets you ‘saturated’.

I only got a low dose with Klonopin. Learned the hard way long ago its something you must be careful with.