Winter Retreat for T1 Adults!

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to send out a heads up to anyone who may be interested in attending a Winter Retreat for Adults with Type 1.

Connected in Motion (a Canadian based not-for-profit organization) is hosting it’s third annual Winter Slipstream weekend from January 28-30 in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada. The event is a great chance to get together with other Type 1s, get outside, get active, learn from each others’ experiences and celebrate a year of accomplishments as (amazing) people with Type 1 diabetes.

The event is open to anyone and everyone (19+) who is interested in getting connected with other outdoor activity loving Type 1s!

More information can be found online at:

Please help spread the word!! I attended the first Winter Slipstream event in 2009, connected with the most amazing group of people, and learned from them more than I ever imagined I would (or could)! I’d love to meet even more people this Winter and am reaching out to TuDiabetes and the amazing community here in hopes that a few more people can join in on the adventures.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

PS The group from last year!

Next year the Shuswap , BC ???..
My promise to you Jen : I will take this information to the CDA’s NAGM , Edmonton , AB , start next Thursday , Oct. 21-Oct. 23

Awesome! Thanks for letting us know and getting the word out!

That looks great. There should be more of these in more places!

Totally agree! It would be my dream to travel the world meeting other adult T1s! Maybe we’ll get some sweet funding in the near future and can make it happen!

Connected in Motion rocks! Please see my profile of them at:

Hi Jen ,
I spoke a few words with CEO and Pres. Micheal Cloutier about your project and promised him to send the link to this discussion , which I will do next .
So pleased to have him in this role with the CDA :slight_smile: . We , PWD, will all benefit as he will be guiding us along .
Met up with MM pumper Chris J , pumper Sandy from Animas , MM pumper Shawn and Jason , who had the transplant, who does NOT need a pump :slight_smile: !!..I plan to download a picture taken in the Exhibitors Hall with these awesome advocates for PWD .
Both Shawn and Jason are TuD members.
How privelidged I am , " knowing the gang " .

That’s fantastic, Nel! I’m glad you got to meet such great people! I’ll watch for your picture :slight_smile: I’m not sure that I know Shawn… do you have a link to his profile on TuDiabetes? Maybe we can get him hooked up with CIM too!

Thanks for the shout-out to the new CEO as well. It would be exciting to hear that they support our programming!

Thanks Amy! :slight_smile: