Wondering if my insulin is going bad

I was sick a week ago (I never realized just how much insulin you needed when sick). However now I am better (I think) and yet my sugar levels refuse to drop. I use a lot more insulin than I previously used and eat half the amount of carbs yet I can’t get my BG levels to drop below 10 mmol. I am wondering if my novorapid went bad. I keep it at room temperature and refrigerate it before use. However, I do keep it in a bag and carry it around with me at the gym. Does jostling insulin around make it go bad? Do a lot of bubbles mean the insulin is bad? I am curious because I don’t know if it is me or my insulin…

Does it look cloudy? Why refigerate it before using it?

Don't take a chance if you suspect it's not good any more. Open a new vial & take the current one back to the pharmacy. They'll exchange for a new vial. I've done this several times. Sometimes it just loses potency, or can be from a bad batch.

I carry insulin around in my purse without a problem. I put it in my meter case, so it's not rolling around being shaken up. I read not to put insulin in the refigerator door because it gets shaken up too much, so perhaps there's some truth to over jostling.

Well, the easiest way to find out if the insulin has gone bad is to open a new vial, and see if it makes any difference. I'm wondering why you keep it at room temp. and then refrigerate it before use. A vial of insulin can stay at room temperature for 28 days after opening, and doesn't need refrigeration. I'm not sure where the bubbles are coming from -- it could be the jostling, but I don't know.

You also might not quite be over your illness -- and it might take a little more time for your BGs to come down (mine aren't coming down because I ate like a pig for Christmas!).

I also vote to change it out. I have had bad insulin a couple times and new for sure after changing it out.

Jeeze I should clarify. I keep it in my fridge until I use it. Then take it out when ready to use. And do my best to keep it at room temp. No cloudiness, but I mean. I eat an bowl of cereal and need about ten units of insulin. And previously I would need about 8. It goes down eventually but man. I am up in the high teens for awhile before it drops at all, and even then it isnt much.

I did too! I have a weakness for stuffing. My goodness that stuff is addictive. That and ham and christmas cookies… mmmm… I love the holidays!

Time for a new vial.