So this is kinda a question I have so I was in the hospital twice with dka one was do to a infection and the other one was my fault. I was in ICU practically almost in a coma and had to call off work for the days I was in the hospital but that same day I got out of the hospital I went to work when I shouldn't have because I was still dizzy but they wrote me up for each time I was in the hospital for missing days which was like a total of maybe 3-4 total. I now have a fmla since I've been working there for a year now but can they do that?

Oh I'm afraid of that too. Diabetes is a tricky disease, you can manage it well, but then there are always dangers that might put you in the hospital for a number of days. It interferes in life in a whole big number of ways.

I'd think that a discharge order, after care instructions, or final bill that show when you were hospitalized and for what should be sufficient. I'd provide copies for both your supervisor as well as your personnel department (if there is one). I'd leave out the part about it "being your fault." As a person with diabetes, you are living with the difficult job of trying to mechanically replicate a very complex set of biological processes. Learn for what happened, try to avoid it in the future but cut yourself some slack.

Well this is when Type 1 Diabetes falls into the ADA. So, they can not penalize you for this condition and the need to be off for medical necessity. In fact, even if you stayed home with sick days from it they can't penalize you. As long as you have a dr's note and the lovely "D" if they tried to fire you, they would have a wonderful wrongful lawsuit and you would own the company!