Worst kind of diabetes

so i was over at a friends house and they have a neighbor w/diabetes since she was little and they insisted that she had the worst kind because she had since about 4yrs. old could this be true that there is a worst kind than type 1

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If anyone else out there, like me, developed diabetes at or about age 4, have I got a group for you!

I couldn’t have put that better!

No, but sometimes people don’t know the specific names. Type 1 is usually a bit more difficult since it’s not managed with pills, but I know people who have Type 2 that are also insulin dependent. It sounds like they just didn’t know which kind she had.

thanks guys i tried to let them know that type1 is the worst but they insisted i was wrong that there is worse ones.
however both 1 and two are bad either way.

There isn’t a “worst kind”, really. Both types of diabetes come with their own baggage and difficulties. I would call having diabetes since the age of four difficult and unfortunate for the person in question, rather then saying that it is the “worst”.

I dunno. Saying one person has diabetes “worse” then any other just seems like it is making diabetes into a contest somehow. :-p It’s hard for all of us with the disease!

that was a most excellent reply, Dave

Exactly Lauren

There is not a right or wrong answer to this question, and how one answers it depends on their perspective. In general, one could make a compelling argument that the longer one has to live with diabetes, the greater risk they are for any form of complications. Type 1s also have a legitimate complaint that their treatment options are limited to insulin, insulin or insulin compared to dozens of treatments with many more in development to treat type 2. On that basis, type 1s probably would win this argument. But Dave rightly notes that many type 2s go undetected for years which can cause complications. But the reality is there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, the answer is simple: all forms of diabetes suck and managing either form of diabetes is a demanding, relentless and thankless task.

The “worst kind” is whatever type you happen to have… there is no “blissful” among the horrible choices.

Little ones cannot articulate some things easily. Mommy I’m having a low won’t happen until they start speaking, talking and have the vocabulary to even describe whatever the probelm might be.Provided of course they have the ability to describe whatever is happening to them.

Older/elder then I have a lifetime of habits, habitual acts to alter, so I can reduce the damages it might perhaps cause. Somewhere in between the two all present their own problems that have to be addressed. No thanks, there are no good choices here.

hmm i agree with everybody on the board. Almost reminds of the who’s got it worse type 1 or 2 arugment (let’s not go there again, yikes). I think it’s on a individual basis, for example what’s easy for you could be super hard for me and vice versa. Plus there are alot of factors to consider. In the end i guess we’re all in the same boat. Titanic of diabetes

I also think all types can be the worst depending on the Person’s particular circumstance. Like most, I’ve seen Type 1’s and Type 2’s have the complications and die.

I have always heard on the tv programs and the web(if the worst was mentioned)that Type 1 was/is the worst. Mainly because a Type 1 can die in a short period of time from a lack of Insulin or too much Insulin. Their reasoning is understandable in those instances also.

Bruce, they will always see their kid as having the ‘Worst’ kind b/c it’s their child. Theoretically, that kid & I have the same type of D, but I’m; a. a stranger to them, and b. a 53 y.o adult who’s just had her 25th anniversary with the D.

Lest I also mention, some folks just think children having this is worse than any teen or adult. Ask them for a donation for diabetes research with a pic of an adult on the literature and they’d “Get to it later”. Use the same spiel and have a child on the brochure/flyer and they can’t get their wallet out fast enough.

No arguing or anything with them. Let them believe as they will.

This seems to go inline with the the perception that people who take insulin to manage the disease, must have it “really bad.” That was a hurdle I had to jump over with my mom, she thought insulin == end of the world, which isn’t the case.

In any event, Dave’s response is spot on, bravo!

When I hear someone says that someone has the worst kind either because they have to be on the pump or because they’ve had it a long time, I assume they mean type 1. And it’s gotten easier to ignore their definitions than to correct them and get that look from them. Maybe it’s just me, but I get a look that either means, they think I don’t know what I’m saying or I’m lying about it.

Indeed, Dave’s response is direct, concise and awesome.

The worst kind of diabetes is that of one who deliberately refuses to do something about it…

Why does diabetes need to be a competition? The worst is one which is undiagnosed or someone who doesn’t take care of themselves.

Yeah for Lauren you hit the nail on the head dear and amen we all tote baggage with this disease no matter what the type .

well, maybe the “kind you are affected by” whether it’s yours or a loved one’s

I’ve got the best kind of diabetes.

The best kind of diabetes is having a way to share, vent, and encourage with very cool people who have “been there, done that” like everyone on tudiabetes. Hooray for us.