Would you change CGM and Transmitter?

Two issues, succinctly:

  1. Transmitter at 90 days. No alerts to change. Have had some signal losses and lack of readings for short times. Nothing too worrisome. Would you change your transmitter?
  2. Sensor is 8 days in. Usually wear one two weeks. Readings have been perfect, then totally wonky. CGM said 131 at fasting, meter 186. Also in the middle of a very stressful family situation, so I’ve been running basal at 150% to maintain bgs under 200.

Would you switch it all out or rice the wave for a while. Highest bg has been 210.

Thanks all!

I’d start by removing the transmitter, wipe the underside with an alcohol swab, let it dry, then reinsert it. See what happens.

If no improvement, restart sensor.

If no improvement, probably change sensor, if no other cause is obvious.

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Is this a G5 transmitter, which I think usually lasts around 112 days max? Unless you are using xDrip.
But I thought G5 gave warning when it is 90 days, so that is strange.
I use G4, which shows LOW or OK as trans battery status.

I would continue to use. For me, it generally gets better or gives ???.

Sorry. It’s a G5. It’s suppose to alert at 3, then 2 weeks, then at the point where it must be changed. Nothing yet. My transmitter shows low in settings.

I’m also out of town, so that is causing extenuating problems.

I can always go old school til we get home.