Would you change to PPO from HMO insurance if you had the opportunity?

Our open enrollment is up and I have a few days left to decide if we want to change from HMO to PPO insurance. I have only been diagnosed as LADA since April and have had a very difficult time with doctors on the HMO plan. So I'm considering changing to PPO so that I can have a wider choice of doctors. I'm just feeling so negative towards doctors right now, based on my own experience and also after reading lots of things about doctors and misdiagnosis on these boards, that I'm thinking it won't make much difference. I'll still get frustrated with doctors, but I'll be paying a lot more money for it!

So I need some feedback on making my decision. The difference in monthly premium isn't that signifcant; its the out of pocket expense that would be a huge difference compared to the HMO. The PPO would have an 80/20, $500 ded, $3,500 per person out of pocket co-pay/$7,000 per family max, $150 ded on prescriptions, and then copays on prescriptions are higher than HMO too.

My work used to offer a PPO/HMO combined plan from Blue Cross but they discontinued it a couple of years ago. I opted for PPO just so I can have a choice of doctors and be able to see my choice of doctors without having to be specifically referred. Plus, the opthamalogist I've been seeing for the last 20 years does not belong to the HMO network offered by my employer.

I know a lot of members who post here have shared their bad experiences with doctors. I'm fortunate to live in an area where there is a wide range of choices so I've had opportunities to "shop around" and find a good match for my needs. Going with an HMO would have just been too limiting.

I choose a PPO for sure for the same reasons as FHS.