Would You Switch to an Insulin Inhaler?

We ran an article this morning on Diabetes News Hound about a new type of inhaled insulin that supposedly acts more like insulin produced naturally in the body. Reports out of a diabetes conference in Vienna tout this insulin as far superior to the kind of insulin many diabetics currenly inject. You can read the article here. The inhalable insulin called Afresa and is currently in Phase III studies.

Would you switch from your pump or regular injections to this inhalable insulin if it comes to market?


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After reading the article, it does sound promising. It mimics a natural pancres moreso than injectible insulin does. Sure…I’d switch…after it was approved and I was satified with the results. I’d be glad to ditch my pump!

Interesting. I wonder if this will supplement a continuous infusion (pump or long acting insulin)? The downsides I see are long term effects on one’s lungs…I know this was of concern w/ other inhaled drugs…lack of adjustability of dosages given unsure what is “active” in an inhaled med. I wonder if this insulin is different in the way the new “smart insulins” have been touted? Could inhale and then it adjusts based on conditions in the capillary? Will follow a little more closely given the info you have shared:) I had written off inhaled insulins some time back…maybe they deserve a closer look as the new types are developed. Thanks Chris:)