Write to the Feds?

Letter: Fed Letter.docx (16.1 KB)
I’LL KEEP UPDATING IT HERE, IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS OF WHAT TO WRITE or feedback on how it sucks (it does, but I just started).

I sure would like to write a letter to the Feds. Its due 2 weeks from Tuesday. Its such a large topic, I find it exceptionally difficult to write about, so I started using metaphors. Its not very good. But, there’s not much time. Please help!

I am referencing the following two hearings:
1.) https://www.finance.senate.gov/hearings/drug-pricing-in-america-a-prescription-for-change-part-iii
2.) https://energycommerce.house.gov/committee-activity/hearings/hearing-on-priced-out-of-a-lifesaving-drug-getting-answers-on-the-rising