Wwill this be permanent?

How many people discontinued pumping and didn’t go back on the pump? I am having site issues right now and desperately want to stay on the pump. Ant insight would be appreciated. Thankyou.

I have never discontinued pumping since I started in 2000. However I do know many who have discontinued use of a pump and then when back to it. I think pump breaks are possible and often result in resumption of use of the pump.

I hope things do work out for you and that if you wish to use the pump you re able to find the most comfortable way to manage diabetes.


What pump/infusion sets do you use ? Have you tried getting samples of different kinds (if not on omnipod). ?
What issues are you having, and is it always or just sometimes? What locations are you using? Have you tried more frequent site changes? Have you tried steel needle sets instead of teflon?

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I don’t think it is permanent, but I also thing there is a huge lack on numbers on this. You might push people for some work in this area. Its rather important.

QI am using 90 degree mio infusionsets. Normally they are okay. I will go three site changes in a row with no problem then next change and I have a problem. High bloodsugar is the first sign usually. Sometimes I feel pain when inserting. I have tried the steel sets, silhoutte infusionsets, but the mios I have been on the longest. Right now I am wearing a Tsure set. These are okay as long as I don’t put them in an area that I lay on. I can feel the needle. I see the diabetic nurse today. I hope she will guide me to a solution.

The diabetic nurse gave me a thumbs up. I guess I might have been too quick to think that some of my infusionsets weren’t working. When you have had a history of it you can get a bit paranoid. She said I can use the area below my belt as I never have before. I am going to give the mio30degree angle sets next time I think.

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