XDrip+ smartwatch os compatibility?

Hi all!
I am new to diabetes and therefor also to that kind of techonology.
I would like to know what watches do you use to collect xdrip+ data, I know that ticwatch pro does that but are there any other? (I know that there are plenty of them but I am looking for one that looks premium, has good battery, is water proof and compatible with android) Also, do you know how compatible with xdrip+ are tizen os (samsung galaxy watch) and lite os (huawei, honor watch)?

I have the ticwatch e and am happy with it, however, the pro seems interesting. I am not sure if the black and white watchface will work with the xdrip watchface… at work I carry an extra charger, but it seems to last a little over 12 hours, as long as you are not texting continuously! Also, I use the libre, Samsung s7, blucon, arm sleeves or shin guard sleeves for my cgm because of insurance. I also prefer sleeves to stickers, although I purchased the blucon prior to knowing about the miao miao

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