Yet Another Study Suggests Link Between Type 2 Diabetes Drug Actos and Bladder Cancer

The Rottenstein Law Group, which represents clients with claims stemming from injuries allegedly resulting from their use of medical devices and prescription drugs, including the type 2 diabetes drug Actos, has learned of yet another study that suggests a link between the drug and the occurrence of bladder cancer.
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I think this Lawyers group also advertizes on TV , ready to " defend " .
To make it more " complicated " :
"The bladder cancer risk appears to be real, but is pretty small. If you're not at risk of bladder cancer in the first place, the benefits of pioglitazone [Actos] may outweigh the potential risk," Johnson said.
Commenting on the study findings, Dr. Joel Zonszein, director of the clinical diabetes center at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City, said: "Complications of diabetes can be very bad, and some patients do very well on Actos."
He added that he sometimes uses this medication in combination with other diabetes drugs. "Bladder cancer tends to be rare, but it's much more common in men and it's also more common in smokers, so I don't put elderly male smokers on Actos. But, for other patients who have a low risk of bladder cancer, I may use Actos. We just have to be vigilant when we prescribe medications."
Zonszein said it's also important to remember that people with type 2 diabetes already have an elevated risk of bladder cancer, and they often don't start diabetes medications until they are much older, often obese and have had the disease for awhile, so "there may be a population bias" in the studies.
SOURCES: Jeffrey A. Johnson, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair, Diabetes Health Outcomes, University of Alberta School of Public Health, Canada; Joel Zonszein, M.D., director, clinical diabetes center, Montefiore Medical Center, New York City; July 2012, CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

Sure everyone gets their take except the individual who must pay out of pocket for all these expensive drugs. It really bugs me that those who refute these risk studies always use obesity as an excuse. They study the obese and then force the drugs on people of normal weight without even bothering to assess the risk. "Oh well, the obese cause their own problems... " I'm shocked to read that bladder cancer is a complication of T2. Personally, I intend to avoid all these law suits by avoiding all these T2 drugs. Cancer? ... been there, done that... no thanks!