You are what you wish

Someone recently wrote in their D blog:

"I wish diabetes was as scientific and predictable as doctors and pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe."

There is so much truth and explanation in that statement, and it came from someone who has a current disdain for anything other than conventional treatments. We are living organisms with an extremely large amount of healing potential inside of us and if we keep the doors shut to true health by continuing the cycle we are in, disease will stay with us. Folks, we are living in the Dark Ages in regards to true healing. Our symptom oriented approach is keeping us sick and making many others VERY rich. How scientific and reasonable can it be to treat a disease for which the cause remains obscure? Doctors, pharma companies, government organizations and educational institutions are extremely wrapped around making profits, not making you healthier. ‘Sicko’ will wake many people up to this fact. It is up to YOU to learn that you are able to be healthy and it begins with the liberating education that is growing around us, in some cases even merging with conventional medicine (many traditional doctors are now studying Psychosomatic medicine, Neuro-Science medicine and Quantum healing). I am only here to help people break the molded thought patterns they have had… and I appreciate you reading :slight_smile:

Ack, I’ve been quoted! :smiley:

I completely agree with you. It’s about selling folks very expensive bandaids and the lack of a cause is maddening. Thanks for the comment on my page by the way. Sarcasm, pain, and fear - it’s definitely how I define my experience and journey so far in healing. I hope it changes, but I feel like I’d have to devote 110% of my life to “curing” myself . . . when do you have a life outside of the constant treatments? That’s the question I was never able to answer.

Give yourself time and relax. Don’t be so anxious, you are here, doing this whole thing to learn. I would recommend getting at the root of that sarcasm and fear. I would bet that it goes a long way back in your life.