You heard it here first "Pump Thumb"

I’ve been using medtronic pumps for almost 20 years. For the last 6 months I’ve had and aching right thumb. At the base. I believe it’s either tendonitis or arthritis and is due to how often it’s used to manage my pump. I’m going to make an appt. with my hand Dr. to see what can be done.
Has anyone else experienced this ailment?

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I currently have arthritis toe, elbow and finger. The orthopedic I went to made me pick one thing to focus on, which wasnt very helpful. I do have articles on diabetes and hand issues so it is possible that you have things going on…Btw he said I had tennis elbow which I think is computer elbow really.

I’ve had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. Only one finger that hasn’t been treated for trigger finger. I’m glad the tandem pump has a touch screen. I’ll probably order it sometime this year

The only thing that bothers one of my thumbs is too much cell phone usage. My pump has never aggravated my hands.

Pump usage hasn’t bothered me. I’ve had trigger finger in both my thumbs and a finger in the past but it was before my pump and there was no obvious reason for it. I use a pump now and it has never aggravated my thumbs. I believe I’ve read diabetics are more prone to trigger fingers.

The first one I had my acupuncturist work on it and in about 3 visits it started getting better. He also taught me how to massage it, so the next 2 I just started to massage them myself and it took longer to clear up than when I had acupuncture with it, but they did clear up. Months versus weeks.

Yes, diabetics are prone to trigger fingers more than the general population. I had 2 operations for them. One was on a middle finger and the next one on a thumb. both returned to normal and have been fine for years. They were two of the easiest operations I’ve had (but then I’ve had some much more major ones). One doc wanted to give me a general, so I dumped him and switched to a doc that did it under a local. The first doc was way out of line wanting to put a patient under for such a simple, quick operation.

My doctor did a trigger finger at the same time he did a carpal tunnel. All under local. No issues. Shout out to Dr Jupiter at MGH😊

Similar issue here but it is mostly from the new dexcom touchscreen receiver. I am using both that and my phone now, but what I did was to leave it a bit out of my soft case which has a thick vinyl window so I don’t have to press the view button through the window. The phone is much better though. I also take it out to do things when possible which helps a bit.

I have tennis elbow or something on that hand/ arm and neck injuries as well so it is a multiple issue problem. I have done therapy for the elbow, not for the hand/ fingers. My doc has suggested platelet injections for the elbow and knees and hips maybe.

I had surgery on my outer wrist for a large, painful ganglion cyst 13 years ago and I was out for three hours. Overall it was successful but it took a few weeks of pt to get my wrist bending again so I avoid surgeries. The cyst came back the next year, though it was smaller so I just did an injection with another doctor to remove it that time and it worked.

Someone told me her friend had a similar surgery and she had nerve damage- her hand is in a permanent cup shape now so I guess I was lucky that I had a good surgeon.

My experience was similar. First trigger finger surgery after 20 years with T1D (thumb), but before starting pump. Now 50+ years, and I lost count. Both thumbs and I think 5 of 8 fingers had surgery. On 2 appointments, had 2 done at the same time. But now with the extra load of dexcom receiver button pressing, no additional surgeries.

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