Your experience with CGM's

Hi, I’ve had t1d for about 18 years now and just started my last year of university. As part of my study program in product design, I am required to complete a master’s thesis. I have chosen to focus my thesis on a topic related to diabetes, as it is a subject close to my heart, and I hope to make a meaningful impact in this area. Specifically, I aim to develop a solution to reduce the waste generated by CGMs while also enhancing the user experience.

Your insights and experiences as CGM users are incredibly valuable to my research. I would greatly appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to fill out a short survey related to this topic. Your input will contribute to the development of a solution that could benefit the diabetes community.

Thank you for your participation and support.

P.S. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further, please feel free to reach out. Your feedback and insights are highly valued!

I’m in preop waiting surgery, now. I will look and possibly do you survey in a couple of days

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Thanks, and best of luck!

I tried to complete it, but I’m choosing not to submit my answers because I don’t feel like I can answer honestly the way it’s written. Americans are going to struggle with this. I know this one did.

  1. We don’t know what secondary school is. I’m guessing it’s what we call high school.

  2. Hospitals have nothing to do with our diabetes management, and CGMs aren’t generally used in hospitals. “Hospital” is one of the most terrifying words you can utter here, because it’s associated with the critically injured/ill and dying, or it’s where the devastatingly expensive medical procedures live. We seek general healthcare and medical specialists elsewhere and try to avoid hospitals. (My heart raced with anxiety and concern just READING that @Luis3 was currently in one!)

  3. We don’t expect a manufacturer to tell us how to dispose of anything, because that’s controlled by our local government or whoever controls our trash district, and can vary greatly depending on where we live. It would be ludicrous to expect manufacturer to know/list every single possibility. This kind of info is really easy to figure out, though.

  4. You require an answer to how I dispose of the transmitters, but you don’t list e-waste collection/recycling as an answer. Where I live, we’re not allowed to put that stuff in the general trash to protect the water supply. Instead we have to save it up for one of the quarterly collection events. Sometimes medical waste in general has special requirements, like taking it to a medical facility or firehouse (where ambulances often live) to be disposed with other biohazards.

  5. This one isn’t limited to the Americans, but I can’t honestly answer about my satisfaction with CGM if I can’t mention pump integration, the thing that has quite literally saved my life.


All great points. My guess is the author of the survey is from another country and the wording causes some confusion.

I looked up the University. It’s in Belgium.

I had 2 outpatient procedures in the last 30 days wearing a Dexcom G6 sensor and a Tandem pump with C-IQ. Both sensors lost contact with the pump in the OR. I don’t know the reason. This means the pump wasn’t getting data so it resorted to running at the set basal rate. This defeats the purpose of the C-IQ. I would be interested if others had these same issues in ORs.

I recently had an EMG, which I was told to stay hooked up. I stayed in range and all was well.

In March, I had several dental procedures and stayed in range. I use auto mode on my Medtronic 670.

Several years ago, it stayed on during my colonoscopy and it was fine. I stayed in range and all was well.

I did have to remove my cgm for an MRI last year. I hate it, but there’s really no choice. And, I have another one coming up soon.

Hi @tobias5791. I’m closing this topic for the moment because site rules require permission from the administrator for research polls. You can message @TuDiabetes_Administr to request permission. Meanwhile, welcome to the site—lots of great people and information here. Please have a look around!

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