Your highest and your lowest A1C?

What has been your highest and your lowest A1C ever?


Highest was 12.1 when I was in college. Lowest is my current one 6.3 (I’ve had it several times over the past 2 years, but never lower).

my highest was 8.9
my lowest was 5.3

My lowest (in 30 years!!!) was just this month, 6.0!

My highest that was actually tested was 13 something (around 1995 maybe), but there were several years when I wasn’t going to the endo, and I know it was higher than that. I’ll never know, and happily, never have to put myself through that again.

14 and 6.4

8.4 on diagnosis and 5.6 for the last one.

I honestly can say that I don’t remember exactly what my highest ever was but I know it was in the 12’s or 13’s quite a few years ago. My lowest was 2 months ago at 6.4 :slight_smile:

Highest 12 when I was first diagnos

Lowest 5.7

Current 6.0 with the expectation of being lower at the end of October. I am eating about 65 grams a day less in carbs which has allowed me to cut down on 10 to 12 units of insulin. I haven’t been above 150 in a long time. Hopefully I can keep it up!

When I was diagnosed 42 years ago we did not have meters or A1C testing. When I saw my MD every 6 months he drew blood and when I went to see him he told me what my bloodsugar was. So I tested my bgs once every 6 months and it was fasting, imagine that. My very first A1C and I am sure I was in my late teens or early 20’s was a 10 and my MD said not bad for being diabetic (we were all clueless). Man how times have changed. My best A1C was my last one at 6.3.

Amazing work David.

Ya, I remember in the mid-80’s, they were delighted with 7-8. We had a chart or something I think that the doctor had given us.


My most recent A1C, which ties for my lowest, was 6.3. The highest I can remember was somewhere in the 13’s or 14’s. That was during my rebellious high-school years.

It’s amazing … back then, I felt best when my sugar was in the high 200’s or low 300’s, and could feel a low creeping up at 80. Now, I feel lousy when my blood sugar goes over 150 and don’t feel hypoglycemic until I’m below 60.

Is that hypoglycemic unawareness, or has my body just become adjusted to a new and healthier “norm”?

I hear you Scott. Today I ran between 160-180 and felt like my skin did not fit and was so so tired, but can also feel that way below 90 and I do suffer from hypoglycemic unawareness, but it also is the fact that my low symptoms are just different.


It is incredibly inspiring to see the number lowest A1C numbers having been seen recently.

Congratulations to everyone! To those still working on lowering that A1C: keep at it, you see? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

highest=13.1 (when I was dx)
lowest= 5.4

Highest 11.9 (when I was diagnosed & in the ER. Thought I had the flu & was DKA)
Lowest 6.1 (last week)

Hope to be in the 5’s soon.

Highest 5.7
I was pregnant at the time and caught my diabetes with a random urine test at the OBGYN. Lucky for me, I already had an endo for 10 years that knew I had another autoimmune disease and conducted antibody tests immediately. On one hand, it was horrible being diagnosed and trying to get a grip on things, while pregnant. On the other, from what I’ve read on here, it sounds like I was lucky to get diagnosed before things got out of control and landed me in the ER.
Lowest 5.1

Highest: 7.1 (the latest number, need to work on this).
Lowest: 5.9