Am happy, Yesterday I went to bed with 106mg/dl. I know since am on the pump my D educator told me that I need to go to bed with a 150mg/dl, but I said to me slef “I wanna try something” I used a temporary rate to reduce my basal rate by 50% for 3 hours and went to bed. In the morning WALA it was 114mg/dl . Am proud of my self for taking the risk and doing that trial!! May be I should not!!!

But if I eat something my morning will be in the 200s!!! So…aaa…So

What do you think?

Keep checking with your pump coach for adjustments because 150 is high. Over 140 is when damage occurs. Do you have frequent overnight lows?

Good news!

I agree with Dave, if you basals are set right, then you should not need to be 150 mg/dl before bed. Since you reduced your basal and all went well, seems like you might be needing to reduce your nighttime basal rates. Have you done basal rate tests? They are a pain, but incredibly helpful.

One of my favorite parts of the pump is not needing to snack before bed to keep my blood sugar from going low. I will go to bed anywhere above 90 mg/dl.

WoW, thank you all. I will be meeting with my educator next Friday, I will throw this thing on her and see why I need to go to bed at 150 mg/dl!
Kristin, I never did the basal rate test. I know that my Cozmo have it, but never do it!!! May be I need to do it some day.


I think you done good and should educate your educator a little.

150 is high for bed time, IMHO. If I’m that high I take a half unit bolus.

I’m betting your educator is afraid you’re going to go low a night. CDE’s hate lows. They despise them and fear them more than they ever feared a high.

. . . or you could ask.


I think you are right, since my target BG is 150 mg/dl between midnight to 6am while it is 120 during the day

They’d rather see us high & die from complications slowly, then go into a coma from lows overnight based on their recommendations. 120 as a target is too high also, unless this is postprandial.

I’m with you, I treat with half of the suggested bolus amount if I am over 150 (if it says take 3 units, I take 1.5). 150 is too high being on a pump IMHO. The whole point of the pump is to be able to dial in to get as close to normal BG levels as possible, day or night.

Al-good for you being willing to try something new and see what would happen. You saved yourself a morning high BG I am sure. It is definitely time to do a night time basal check. I did one last week and listened to my doctor in regards to lowering my rates. She lowered them ALOT! Now I am way too high all night so I should have gone with my gut and made the changes myself. I am going to do that tomorrow night and do a night time basal check to see if I can keep the BGs in better range

Well, I think you did great. My son has just started to reduce his basal rate at night rather than eat a snack if he
is around 80 or 90 and he is waking up within a much better range. I don’t like when he eats so much and then spikes
too high. I think temp basal rates are great. My only concern is - do you wake up when you are low at night?? My son still
does so I feel comfortable with his lowering his basal rate. Although the basal rate delays are tiring, they do give you a lot of information that help to set the correct doses. I’ll be anxious to see what your Diabetic educator tells you.

I see, the thing is that I have a busy life (graduate student, work 30 hours/ week, writing reports…) I need a good night sleep, which I barley have! May be I will do the basal testing next Saturday and see!

Nancy, yes I do wake up at night if am low and will be wondering why am I awake until I check my BG!!! lol Sometimes I go to bed at 1 or 2am and wake up at 3, since I was busy (and lazy) to test before bed or even before that!!!