Ok, I'm sold!

I had put a couple posts on the Pumper’s main board asking about highs (in the AM) and lows (In the afternoon) I was having nearly every day since starting my pump, and got some good feedback about having variable basal rates. So I used that feedback and identified the problem times and made 4 different basal rates with only a small variation (.425 the lowest and .525 the highest) and voila! No more highs and lows! At least in the short time since I made the changes! It seems to make my boluses more effective too somehow and I find that I have amazing stability with my I:C ratios like breakfast this morning: started 99 and two hrs was 103, lunch 96, after 99! Now I see what you all have been talking about concerning the potential of the pump! Thanks everyone for your help! Who needs endos or nurses, when I have you all! (Kidding…sort of!)

Hey! I am a nurse Assistant :P…Now you are getting me excited about starting the pump! you really are! Right now I am overing ovr 145 (according to my CGM). I now can not seriously wait till Tuesday.

Nothing personal, Amy. My nephew and his wife were just over; Caroline is an RN and mine was the first pump she’d seen! Heck my Cardiologist was fascinated by it…lol

It takes time to get it set up to really utilize all its features. Looking at my logbook my first couple weeks my numbers were worse than they had been on MDI, some of the numbers seriously worse and I had a high or a low or both nearly daily; it definitely got worse before it got better. I’m just adjusting my numbers to use the different basals for different times a day and realizing what an incredible tool we have! I’m just at 3 weeks on insulin, 4 on the pump altogether and I think the worst of my learning curve is past, but I’m still seeing lots more I will be able to learn in the months ahead. But I have learned so much from the pumpers on TuD!

I can’t wait to be on the pump. I just can’t. I keep saying it! I can’t wait to see the difference in my #s and what not. I know I’ll feel different.

Glad your tweaking worked out Zoe. It is funny sometimes how just a little change makes everything work better - I just went thru that myself!

Amy you are different because you are a patient also! My sister is a nurse and she really doesn’t get it.

Thanks, Kelly, yes it’s amazing how much more you can see the results of your “labor” than I did with MDIs!

perhaps…but still :slight_smile: