12-24 Hour Flatline

The below 24 hr trend is from Nate, a 15 year old type 1 Diabetic… with a little help from his mom Emily, they are achieving some of the most inspiring trends to date. A 15 year old producing 24 hr Flatlines??? wow! Need I say more?

“WOW, a little surprised to post again, but here’s his 24 hour! I thought we had nighttime basals correct (as long as he doesn’t have a bedtime snack) and I guess they’re looking pretty good. Fingerstick this morning --87. We’ll see how today goes…”

Posted by Emily 5/28/2011

OK, not fuzzy and not edible. Stone? Granite?

C’mon guys don’t leave me stranded alone here!!

Nice work Natalie, usually you can at least spot Nate’s meals but yours has me scratching my head. :slight_smile:

Fitting in with the countertop too well could be a problem LOL. I miss seeing things that are black, on a white surface and not because of my eyesight :wink: I actually have a key finder thingy tucked into my dexcom case so when I can’t remember where I JUST put it down, and can’t find it, I can beep it :wink:

Has me scratching my head, too, but I didn’t eat very much, and every once in a while the stars line up just so – is there any other rational explanation??? LOL!!

I threw away Apidra as well …and you are a much better photo taker !

Well, you’re new, and haven’t seen some of my previous attempts. I think the one I just posted is probably my best ever, but there are lots of fuzzy ones, and fairly unreadable ones. Good thing no one lives close enough to strangle me!! LOL!

C’mon Natalie, you’re even using a fancy denim background! The pic is straight, no glare… I might be jealous LOL

At least I can tell what your background is, unlike AR’s!! I’ll have to find something funky if I ever get a line that doesn’t look like a seagull in flight again :wink:

Except that is ISN’T denim!!! I should probably make you guess on that one too, and then we’ll have you certifiably crazy in no time, LOL!!

Cute. Its the small numbers that a easier to control, right? But don’t start being afraid to eat. In-laws took us to Black Angus Steakhouse for a 5:30 dinner tonight (110grams including the cake later) and its just starting to mess up numbers as he goes to sleep. Since were camping, I only have to walk 8 steps to check his cgm. Since we starting camping he’s been snacking and correcting the lows a lot especially at night. The extra activity. Made a new basal program “summer” just today. We’ll see how it goes. Haven’t loaded pics from my camera to the new laptop yet, may try it tomorrow. Oh yah, enjoy the blizzard.

stone and granite are both getting “warmer” in the closer to the answer sense of the word!

Great flatline Natalie !! Way to go…

As for backgrounds, I was just about to post my latest, and so funny that my background is a denim shirt, and I took the picture before I read this !

I’ve been out of town the past few weeks, and much more challenging to flatline without my normal meals and activities. So glad to be back to my old routines.

Maybe I already am :slight_smile: What is it??

Chuckles!! So glad to have someone join me in the crazy club! :slight_smile:

It’s a plain old blue cotton bed sheet. Happened to be handy! :slight_smile:

Lascaux it was!! Thanks to those of you who played. Not really a qualifying FLATline this AM. I woke up to CGM of 130, this on day 5 of reservoir and I’d run 3 miles Monday, 4 on Tuesday and 4 on Thursday, all > 95 degrees and I think the juice was cooked as BG was 140 so I got ready to go running thinking I’d pull it post run but the CB+ bolus (cut) seemed not to be doing anything so I figured I’d swap it out but then it seemed to take a while for it to work. I didn’t cut my basal at all on the run and hit it w/ another .6U CB that did the trick and we seem to be back in business.

Amazing!! Just like a jigsaw puzzle, where a small piece doesn’t really show anything, but when you finally get it in place, it makes perfect sense. Very creative choice of background! :slight_smile:

I does sound like the juice was cooked. Maybe not completely, but enough to throw your readings off. I also experience the phenomenon that when I’m out of my usual range, even when I fix whatever was wrong, it takes a bit of time to get back to where I want to be.

My dearest friend was on a medication in a pump that was extremely temperature-sensitive – she used a small bag with a long handle looped over her opposite shoulder and put the pump in with an ice pack. Her pump was much bulkier and inconvenient that ours, but maybe you could figure out something similar?

The difference between pre-bolusing by 1/2 hour or so, and my usual OMG I’m starving bolus, given as I start to eat. The blip was a 6 carb meal with my usual bolus when I eat. Can you tell where the 20 carb meal is? Wish I had the discipline to do this more often. Set 70/120.


This is a nice one, great telemetry, for a change, like 3 pts off when I woke up. Of course by now the sensor seems to have blown up, again 1/2 way through day 5…

Wow, fabulous line! Great telemetry is worth it’s weight in…in…blood :slight_smile:

Any idea why the sensors are crapping out so soon?