12:45 pm BS Test Day (without diabetes)

9:20 am: Coffee with milk
10:45 am: BS 97
11:00 am: egg sandwich with cheese
12:20 pm: BS 114

Thanks for the tip about warming my fingers before the using the meter. I forgot about that from our diabetes ed classes and it does help a little.

Let’s see…I’ve tested my sugar four times so far today, used a different finger each time, and now have four fingertips that definitely feel tingly and a little sore.

What I’ve learned so far:

  1. My fingertips hurt.

  2. I’m surprised at how many times each day I mindlessly reach for something to gnaw on or drink, and how you CANNOT do that when you have diabetes (and I’m just checking my sugar, not dealing with counting carbs, boluses, etc.).

  3. I’ve already found myself delaying my eating because checking BS feels like work, especially when you’re in the middle of another activity.

  4. Sloane does a lot less complaining than I give her credit for!

have you looked into AST?

Alternate site testing. I use my arm or my leg sometimes instead of my fingertips.

It’s pretty awesome that you are willing to endure this just to understand what your daughter is going through. I wish more parents were this way :slight_smile:

It is awesome that you’re doing this. Its hard to really understand what it’s like to deal with this; its one thing to say, OK I need to test X times/day. Its completely different to actually do it, and incorporate those numbers into a lifestyle. Kudos!

Thank you for doing this!


I refuse to use alternate site testing as it is common for me to run 30-40 points higher than the finger. The CDE also said that the finger sites are more accurate although, if you ask me why, I just cannot remember. What she said, though did make sense!

Keep up setting the good example. Do you actually test when your daughter tests? That would be cool because she would see it happening and it might also help you bond over this issue.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI