12 Days of Discounted Diabetes T-Shirts for the Holidays

I received the following info from the guys @ FiveHumans. As you may remember, if you purchase any FiveHumans diabetes t-shirts, they will be making a contribution of 10% of the sale price back to the Diabetes Hands Foundation (which runs TuDiabetes.com).

FiveHumans™ (www.fivehumans.com) is a company on a mission to cure ignorance of disease through hip, fashionable clothing. The collection supports numerous world-wide diseases such as Autism, Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Noonan Syndrome. Through their creativity, FiveHumans™ launched a complete collection of disease related t-shirts for men and women, as well as a line for children: LittleHumans. Their tagline is Ignorance is a Curable Disease - not because they intend to cure the world of ignorance through their own superior intellect, but because they believe that if humans can share their experiences and knowledge collectively about their causes and even their lives, they can begin to bring about awareness. That is why their intent is to spark conversations through their designs, products, and website- any way they can, so that the humans actually affected by a cause are the voice.

Just in time for the holidays, FiveHumans™ will be offering the 12 days of holiday giving starting December 1st, 2008. For 12 days they will offer a daily holiday promotion on their website www.fivehumans.com.

Through their ongoing efforts, FiveHumans™ intends to donate as much money as possible to support non-profit organizations. FiveHumans™ has designated a charitable organization for every cause they support, each of which receives 10% of the sale price of any related product
There are plenty of other causes for FiveHumans™ to wrap their t-shirts around, and with their innovative style and top notch apparel, FiveHumans™ has what it takes to raise awareness by using the power of impressions to help spread knowledge and erase fears and ignorance.