139 vs. 216?

the meter i use regularly is a precision xtra

i checked with an accu-chek meter as a back up; that one read 216
i knew i didnt eat anything that would have made me go up that high
so i checked with my precision- 139

anyone else have large amount of difference with their meters?
are there any pretty accurate meters out there?
(i also have a one touch- that came with my ping; but i have not started to use it yet)


All meters have a 20% variability. In practice they seem to be a little more accurate than that. Some meters are also consistently higher or lower than others.

Your readings are not actually very far out of range. Say your real value, which unfortunately you will never ever know, was 175. 20% of this is 35 points. 175 - 35 = 140 and 175 + 35 = 210. Your 139 and 216 are just outside this range and easily explained by meter differences.

Try retesting a couple of times with the same meter then a few more with another. It really helps you get a better feel for them. I did this one day while basal testing. I got 50 tests that day! ow blood everywhere

Also make sure your hands are clean and dry. Foreign substances can affect readings and may not do so consistently.


My personal experience has been that the One Touch ( I use Ultra II and One Touch mini) are the most accurate. I have also used the freestyle lite and the accu check aviva and have found that both gave me readings that were more than 30pts higher and because of this I found myself correcting when I wasn’t really over 200 then going low and not correcting lows because my meter would give a “normal” reading… I went back to my One Touch and haven’t had any problems. Just my opinion… :wink:
Personally…I’d use the One Touch that came with the meter. Why haven’t you used it yet?

Did you have the strips coded right for each meter??? Did you use a test solution?

Just a thought : I have been told by my CDE( pump nurse ) to get in the habit of wiping the first drop of blood …the first drop is more the equivalent to an interstitional fluid reading.

Nel, I had no idea. thanks for the info.