$15 test strip copay anybody?

I saw a commercial from Walgreens advertising a $15 copay for a month supply of test strips! I called a local store and they said you have to get a generic rx for a meter and strips and they bill your insurance then discount it to equal $15. I was curious if anybody has jumped on this yet? I’m gonna try it in about a week when my new insurance kicks in and I run out of strips.

Oh forgot to add you have to get a Walgreens meter and strips

Good info for people without good insurance. I also have heard that Walmart has very cheap strips that come with their own meter. Does it matter how many strips "one month's supply" is considered, since of course that varies for all of us? I was paying $40 for three month's supply (900 strips) on my insurance which is great, but when I got my Ping I switched to the One Touch meter remote that comes with the Ping and it was non-preferred so that took me up to $100 for three months which is less pleasant.

I suspect that this is for the first month and it may have certain restrictions concerning insurance. And it may only apply to your first box. I have tried a number of times to use these sorts of rebates on co-pays with my insurance (Aetna) and none have ever worked.

Another option is of course to use the Walmart meter and strips, the meter is like $13 and the stripes are $9/50.

I hope not. My new insurance kicks in on 8/1 and I believe for strips I will have a $50 copay so $15 sounds a lot better.

For my strips it's $45 for a 3 month supply, I had to look-up the brand my insurance qualifies as generic, in my case it's One Touch, get 600 for $45.

Not necessarily! If that $50 copay applies to three months supply that's only $5 more and you don't have to buy (and use!) a Walgreen's meter! I believe most prescription copays are computed on 3 months supply; if it's only a one month supply that's a whole other story!

Wow, you all pay a lot less for strips than I do. My co-pay is $22.50 for 100 strips! It was $15/100 strips & recently went up without warning.

I don't know if anyone has a Publix Supermarket where they live - but they carry a True Test Meter- and I have BCBS Ins and my strips cost $2.00 for 100. They recently chg'd my insulin delivery system and caused a need for more testing - so strips were increased and they now prescribed me a 90 day supply - they were $5.00 for a 90 day supply! Top that off - they have a mini meter(comes in colors woo hoo!) at Walgreens made by True test as well- meter fits on strip bottle and got my money back for meter w/ rebate- strips fit both machines..... FYI hope this helps