18 Month post-islet cell transplant visit

I just had my 18 month post-transplant visit to Minneapolis. Things are continuing to go well, My A1c was 5.4. My CBC, lipids, and other tests look good so far. I am still waiting on some results.

I am still getting used to the Cellcept/Prograf meds. I take them with my meals now which has helped my stomach to feel better, but it is more difficult to keep them stable. I get the levels tested at least monthly, and they are rarely the same. Time is helping, but they are still an issue.

I have CMV again. I had been feeling tired, and my blood sugars had shifted upwards by about 15units. When I was tested for CMV, I had an increased titer. Even higher than before. My blood sugars had come down, and my energy increased even before the results came back, so I am hoping it was caught on the downswing. I had a recheck on friday and I am hoping for a much lower number.

I have found a few other islet cell patients on line. One has written a book about her experience. One Step Up From A Lab Rat is a very interesting book. I also found a mom who was able to have a stem cell procedure performed on her diabetic son. She had to go to South America to have it performed, but it has helped him.

There is a lot of interesting things happening on the diabetes front. It is really an exciting time. This online world is an important part of it all too. I really think it will be looked at as a catalyst to the cure.