1st restart (day 7) and getting ? right away!

just restarted my sensor on day 7. it gave me the circle with the quarter green in it showing that it's started the 2 hour startup. it's been about an hour now and i'm getting the dreaded ??? anyone else have this happen? i hope the sensor isnt dead already! this week it's been horribly off - was hoping for my 2nd week of typical spot on readings.

It happens. Just stay hydrated and keep the unit in range and it will likely sort itself out eventually.

If a sensor is not good in the first week I gladly dispose the sensor and start a new sensor. I only restart good sensors.

i just dont get it. it just vibrated that it was ready to calibrate my two blood glucose readings. i did my readings, went back to the cgm to enter, and back to ??? !!!!

I would bite the bullet and switch out the sensor. I very rarely get ???. Maybe once a year. I wonder whether the reason is that I am well hydrated. My wife does not drink a lot because she doesn't want to ... Dehydration might be more common amongst females.

I try a restart after the ???. If that doesn't work, I put on a new sensor. I usually get 2 weeks (have been using it since 2009) but lately it's often less. Someone suggested that Dexcom has changed something that seems to shorten the life of the sensor. I was also caught by the death of the transmitter battery. That's new with the G4 it seems. I had not thought about the hydration issue. the Dexcom works on interstitial fluid so it makes some sense that hydration could be an issue. Is that in the manual anywhere and I missed it?

I had heard anecdotes about hydration. Whenever my numbers seem a little off, it's a good reminder to have a glass of water though. Who knows if it actually helps, but it surely doesn't hurt.

I have had some sensors give a lot of ??? Between 7 and 10 days, so many I decided to just change it. But other like the one in the beginning of this month went strong for 2 weeks with no ???. I wanted to push it further but had to remove it for a surgery.
So,e run longer and some don’t. I figure if I at least get 7 days then I got what the promised and what I paid for. Any that run longer is just a bonus.

On a side note, the sensor wire does move in the plastic enclosure very easy. My guess is the more the sensor adhesion works loose it seems to not last as long. I started getting better results when I switched to the skin-tac in a bottle. I was able to apply more with the applicator then I was with the skin-tac pads. But this is only my second one so time up will tell. It was harder to remove them after I made the switch. I still use the optiflex tape after the first week as added protection.

I got a replacement G4 in January and my sensors are not lasting 6 days lately. But I have had the issue you're having before. I just try it again - start it over and see what happens. Sometimes it will work, sometimes not. Personally I think the company got all this word about them lasting longer than a week and have taken the necessary steps to not let this happen. Good luck!