Ouch! I got too complacent about accuracy of G5

This morning my sensor was pretty accurate so I skipped calibration. Close to noon, after my hike, the sensor read 90 points lower than it should have. Dang! I was actually 193 and sensor read 103. guess I’ll pay more attention to calibrating. It’s also on day 12 which is usually EOL.

Yikes, I see the receiver is asking for another calibration. guess because of the discrepancy.

I have done the same, but sometimes I think it’s ok.

However, with a big discrepancy like that, I would recheck with meter since maybe that is the one that is off.

9-11. a couple of 12’s.

yikes, just got the ??? time to change the sensor. I just cannot get past 12 days! crazy.

Usually 14-18 days. Current one is on day 13, and expired Sept 14, 2017.

Typically use my arms, but this one and last one I have used inner thighs.

Dave44, do you ever try to wait out the ???.

For me, sometimes that lasts only 10-15 minutes, and then I get 1 or more days of good readings.

Not sure, but I think it helps that I cover my sensor/transmitter during showers and keep it dry.

One time I waited about 10+ hours. still had ??? so now I just change the sensor when it’s doing that, as I’ve never gotten past 12 days anyway, with reliable readings/ ???
I want my sensors to work reliably–once I lose faith, I’m done. :slight_smile: If I trust the sensors, I don’t have to keep reverting to finger sticks. I mean, what’s the point if I keep second guessing.

So far I’ve not had one go less than 7 IIRC.

Well, I finally inserted a sensor that was all over the place, yesterday. off by 90 points within a couple hours, and continued to be a random number generator for the next 14 or so hours. Dexcom is replacing it. sigh. guess it was just a matter of time before I’d get one that didn’t work well.