2 bad sensors-not sure what I'm doing wrong

OK, in an effort to leave the lower tummy area for pump infusion sites, I started to use the upper abdominal area. Since Thanksgiving, the 1 week I would LOVE to have the CGMS working right, I’ve had one sensor failure after another. Is it my site areas, or the sensors? I haven’t been using tylenol based products, and really can’t foigure out what I’m doing wrong. I haven’t called dexcom yet, planning on calling on Monday, will they really replace 3 sensiors? I didn’t get a single full days reading out of any of them, and am hoping when I put the next one in, in a different area, it will work-I know this has happened to others, I’m just a bit bummed, I really did want Dex to work this week!

Sorry to hear that! Bad timing!

They want to make users happy so definitely call. They’ll ask you to transmit the Dex data to them, which I presume they use to troubleshoot the problems. It is weird you got three bad ones in a row, but I’d be shocked if they didn’t just replace them for you.

I have been plagued with sensor failures – my estimate is that my failure rate is 40%. The failures occur when either (a) my Dexcom receiver informs me the sensor failed in less than 7 days of use, or (b) the sensor is giving wildly readings with no real correlation to my glucometer.

Call Dexcom upon each and every sensor failure. I always call, and they always send a replacement by FedEx for 3-day delivery. If I receive the “after hours” phone message, I simply leave a voicemail message with the serial number for my failed sensor.

I love CGM, but I think it’s still a nascent technology that’s not entirely ready for primetime. At least Dexcom backs it up with appropriate, understanding, and very friendly support.

Thanks for the replies. I’m sort of wondering if maybe that area of my body is just no good for a sensor. I did call, Dexcom had me send them info from the software and are replacing the sensors, which is very nice, there seem to be some really nice people that work there. I’m going to try putting another sensor in tonight, I hope this time it works, this was a little frustating. 40 % sounds like a really high failure rate Jay, I really hope this was just a poorly timed fluke for me!