Calibration Issues

Hey guys!

So I just tried placing a sensor on the back of my arm but the calibration seems way more then 20% off.

I have had this sensor in place since Sunday and my CGM is reading much higher then my sticks. My last sensor lasked two weeks on my stomach with pretty good accuracy. Would you guys change your sensor or have any other calibration tips? I am only a little worried because I was napping and my CGM read 100 when my stick was 55, luckily someone had called my cell.


Hi, Denise. I'm sorry that you're having a hard time with this sensor. From what you've described, I agree that it's not reading properly. I had a sensor with a similar problem, and when I called Dexcom (which I recommend that you do, too), I was told to test my BS for 3 times, 15 minutes apart and enter the readings into Dex each time. This is supposed to "kick start" the sensor to have better readings. Have you done that yet? If not, try it. After doing that, if the sensor still has readings more than 20% off, for sure contact Dexcom so that another sensor can be sent to you before the 7 day time limit is over.

Hi CC! Thanks for the reply! Did they ask you where the sensor was placed? I know they’re userguide specifies the stomach area only

I’ve called about a wonky sensor, and they asked, but still replaced it even though I wasn’t wearing it on my abdomen.

And my first arm one was crazy at first but settled in after a couple of days.

I don't remember if I were asked. I'm sorry. I only wear my sensor on my lower abdomen. I probably mentioned that when I called. My advice -- don't mention where it's placed if you call Dexcom.

Have you tried the 3 tests, and if so, did they help? I know it's scarey when you have a way low BS and the sensor doesn't warn you. Been there, and it's awful. That's why we wear it and pay a fortune for it. (I pay out of pocket -- no insurance coverage.) I expect and need the sensor to work as we all do to keep us from a medical emergency.

I have noticed that the Dex doesn't work as well with low BS's, but a 45 pt. discrepancy that you had was off too much (as you know.)

Try calling Dexcom if your sensor doesn't get into a better range. You sure don't have anything to lose and you should get replacement sensor. If not, at least you reported a problem which I believe the FDA requires that Dexcom report.

Good luck.