2 Hours AFTER eating and I have a 200 BS level

I tried to NIBBLE on Thanksgiving meal. MORE turkey than anything, 1 small biscuit, green beans, sweet potatoes (very little) and one BITE of Pumkin pie (sugar free) w Lite cool whip.
My AM sugars were 103. I felt I have come SO far.
What did I do WRONG?


Hello! Welcome to TuDiabetes! I see you were just DX.

You didn’t do anything wrong. Diabetes can be a little complicated at times. You have to try and stay calm because stress will make your blood sugar rise; I know that’s a little easy to say and a little harder to do.
We’ve all been there and sometimes still have the same issues. I’ve noticed with Diabetes everyday can be different.
I would recommend keeping a log of what you eat and check your blood sugar 2 hours after you eat I think the recommended is 180.
You will have to make changes as needed.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving:)
Call your Physician to see if they can schedule an appointment to see a nutritionist. She or he can help you with meal planning and teach you about carbs.
It’ll be ok and it’ll get better.


Oops! I forgot 1 important thing… Becareful with sugar free items, they have a lot of hidden sugar.
You will also have to watch your carb intake. Carbs (bread, pasta, potatoes) that’s what effects your blood sugar more than anything.

Thanks, Cherise.

I took a long walk after my 200 reading. It went down to 100 an hour later. Then I took 2 bites of turkey and it shot up to 135…so I did some sits, took my meds and my last test (about an hour ago) was 94.
Diabetes is like a yo-yO, Huh?
I do have an appt w a dietician in a few days. In the meantime, I am trying to eat MORE protien then sugary carbs.
I hope to get it undercontrol soon. I have sowrn off the WHITE CARBS, LOL.,


LOL sometimes Diabetes is like a yoyo…just when you get everything down pat a curve ball may be thrown at you but you’ll be ok…I am glad your bg went down:)

You are fine keep a log and Stay come looks like you did’t do any thing wrong just sometines it just happens that way I had a problem today with eating and braged that I had done so well and checked my BG a while ago and what do you know the meter read HI = something over 600 what a roller coster but I will be ok by morning and get back to normal tomorrow. Good luck.