Need advice fast.. very high sugar, please help

Ok, my normal fasting sugar is less than 95 and after i eat im never more than 130, i just ate a salad and some triskets and i was feeling strange, my sugar was 196, now i control my sugar with diet alone and have been doing amazing these past few months, but this has me freaked out… Should i go the ER? Should i just wait an hour? I just ate about 20 minets ago, and i have noticed over the past few days my sugar has been going up… this is freaking me out. I dont even have any meds to take…

Call your CDE or Dr. if you feel this is way to high for you. They should have outlined a range for you and a plan as to how to react to your numbers.

I have not see a number like this since may, the only thing i can think is this new bread i have been eating, i had one slice of it today, its whole weat and that is usually OK for me… The only thing i can do is call the DR tomorrow. I will check my sugar in 30 min and see, that will make it an hour. I was told it should be 140 after hr, 120 after 2 and under 100 fasting.

don’t panic. wait till 1 hr then retest. what did the doc tell you about when to go to the ER?

Never told me anything

I was told not to check my blood sugar until two hours after I ate, that before that, the readings are too close to just eating to be useful.

I only checked because i was feeling out of whack, i have been dealing with a cold off and on and today was bad, so im going to think it was the combination of the cold and the new bread i have been eating.

I know this was posted in the T2 forum, but I wanted to respond (even though I’m a T1).

First, don’t panic. Yes, a BG of 196 mg/dl is high, but it’s not dangerously high. For some perspective, I’ve been fighting a BG of over 250 mg/dl all day. I’ve taken my normal insulin dose, but it’s still stubbornly high - even going close to 400 mg/dl at one point. While this can be uncomfortable, it’s not immediately life threatening. Over a long period of time, high BG will cause complications, but the fact that you’re concerned (and testing) shows that you’re taking it seriously.

The other thing is that testing 20 minutes after eating will almost always give you a higher-than-normal BG reading. Even in non-diabetics, a 20 minute post-prandial test will often be higher than the standard 80-120 mg/dl.

If you’re really looking for some relief, try going for a walk or doing some other exercise. It will help bring your BG down quicker. Stressing will only make your BG go higher, so try to relax.

ok well definitely give them a call during office hours about that.

wait and rest but my non doctor .02 I don’t think 200 is worth an ER visit (I’m looking for a hard number to tell -i’ve always heard above 400 but i’m not a doctor) you can also do some light exercising i.e. walking or what not and that should help burn off some of the sugar but take precautions like taking a partner or at least a phone/Identification/doctors # w/ you

Dealing with illness can make your blood sugars run higher.

I know that you probably did this, but did you wash your hands and retest?

Ok, I’ll never test so soon after I eat. I went for a walk, took my sugar and it was 106!!! Wow. Thank you so much everyone. I take my situation verry serious. So I like to stay on top of it. I just seems crazy when you see a number like that. I’m glad to know I can come down so fast…

Yes I did. :wink:

It’s all a question of perspective - for me dealing with a T1 toddler, 196 is not high at all. It’s not even outside his range. If you’ve got excess glucose in the system, the thing to do is… use it up! Exercise does that! And, understand that depending on what you eat, a BG spike up that high is not abnormal. You might benefit by looking at some of the educational materials they give T1s about how blood glucose responds to different situations because it might help you to know what’s OK and what’s not so you don’t get so anxious next time.

I don’t worry until i am between 300 and 400. I feel strange in the 200’s too, you can walk or some kind of exercise to bring it down, panic and worry adds stress and that makes it go higher. I eat double fiber whole wheat at 15g of carbs.Those numbers don’t make sense to me, how do you know what number it will be 1, 2 or what your fasting will be. My numbers change, especially depending what and how much I eat. I have a friend who was curious and wanted to try ckg his sugar, it was well over 400! He felt fine. I was told your body adjusts to raising sugar levels, so your 200 might be alot for you but not for me. I would think anything over 400 would be for alarm, I know your supposed to check your urine for keytones if your over 300.

When I get high numbers…I usually first re check…Relax then drink water. Re test again… When numbers are still high I call my doctor. Are you under stress lately? Did it just happen today? Or does the high number occurs often? Do you keep a journal? If it does, see your doctor immediately. Your diabetes management may not be appropriate anymore.