2 part questions: neurothopy and resources for south carolina


im posting for a friend of mine who isnt on the site. her son’s friend is living with them and he is a type 1 diabetic. he doesnt have insurance and having trouble getting supplies and seeing drs, etc. he ended up in the ER with a high sugar levels. i bought him a meter with test strips and lantece so he can check his sugar levels a bit better. he also has neurothopy. he is in pain and not sure how to ease it or what to do. the hospital told him to deal with it. they werent very good.

so does anyone know any resources that my friend can look into to help her son’s friend? how do ease the pain in his foot?

i told her about the american diabetes association and this site. not sure if she’ll join but i told her that i would ask.

sorry if this is all over the place. I have ADHD so i tend to be not focus and where i should be.

thanks for all of the help that you guys can give for me to pass on.

If he can’t afford the insurance he should apply for Medicaid.
For now he can just buy it from one of the exchanges but it’s expensive.
There is a resource here on this site for people who can’t afford insulin because without insurance it’s crazy expensive. Insulin alone is more than the insurance premium.
Should be about 400 a month. Insulin could be twice that
Neuropathy comes from poor control. High sugars cause your blood to be more acidic. That acid will wear off the sheaths of nerves and cause pain. So tighter control will help. There are medications that can also cause it, or make it worse.

It takes 3 months to heal nerves, but that’s if he gets his sugars in line. Otherwise it will just get worse.
Then he has likelihood of losing limbs.
So this kid really needs intervention and some help.
First is insurance then get him to a doctor, an endocrinologist if you can find one.
He needs to be educated how to take care of himself

thanks for responding. ill let my friend know that he needs tighter control to help with the pain. ill see if they can apply for medicaid. i hope that can help. he is having trouble affording the insulin. and i know its crazy expensive and it shouldnt be. ill look to see if i can find the info on those that cant afford insulin. i can learn a thing or two that can help him. i did buy him a meter, lantect, and test strips to last him a few days. figured i help get him started. the meter was cheap and basic which he needs and he can get the test strips for cheap at a walmart, etc. or even amazon has them. i just hope that my friend and i can find him the help he needs to stay on top of it. im trying to help out as much as i can with it.

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an update. my friend is going to try to apply for medicaid again. they tried 2 other times and got denied. he is going to a clinic that they found that would be good for him. they have all sorts of drs there. so he has an appt with a primary care doctor. then he’ll make an appt for the endocrinologist for him. so she is taking the right steps for him and she is happy with all of the info that has been provided.

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I developed neuropathy from a statin, and it is quite painful. I read that rubbing Vicks on the affected area helps to relieve pain, and I found that it does help. There are also several prescription meds which can help reduce the pain.

thanks for the info…im sure when he does see the endo at the clinic they will give him something to help it